How to match necklace according to skin color

The summer necklace is one of the essential decorations for female friends. A stylish and sleek necklace perfectly presents the femininity and feminine style. In addition to paying attention to the style, neck, temperament, face type of matching necklace, skin color is also a factor that women friends can not ignore. Some necklaces look beautiful, but they don't always have that taste, which has a lot to do with skin tone. So how do you match a necklace with your skin tone?

1. Women with fair complexion and fair skin are fair-skinned. There is a large space for the choice of necklaces. There is no fixed color limit. You can choose according to your own preferences. It is best to choose the one that suits you best. The skin color gives a soft feeling, and you can choose some pink, red or blue gemstone necklaces, which can make you show extraordinary charm.


2. Women with yellowish skin color are a common problem faced by Asian women. These women need to avoid purple or rose when choosing a necklace. If they like this color, they can choose gold jewelry through the sun. The warm golden light masks the shortcomings of color.

3, skin side black female black United States gives to the health of sunshine, these women in the choice of the color of the necklace can be focused and their sense of probity, choose to wear some good transparency, light colored gemstone necklace, such The jewels are light and beautiful, and they are perfect for your sporty personality.

4, skin reddish color reddish female women choose to avoid bias or reddish purple gemstone necklace, like garnet, amethyst kind of jewelry will make your skin look significantly redder, but also let the beautiful multicolored compromised itself, you can choose topaz, peridot necklace looks like this will make you appear more beautiful.

Every girl likes to use her own necklace to express her elegant temperament. The right necklace plays a very important role in the appearance. Choosing the right necklace is a woman's most basic course to dress up and change. Discover your own beautiful path. I hope that the above will introduce you how to use the relevant knowledge of skin color matching necklaces to help everyone, and give a beautiful highlight to the girls who love beauty.



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