"Concentric win-win" Italy Kadan Road men's autumn 2015 autumn and winter orders will come to a successful conclusion

April 9, 2015, Kadan Road, Italy, senior fashion business men's 2015 autumn and winter new conference and order will be held in Huadu, Guangzhou headquarters grand launch of the national distribution agents gathered together "win-win" expressed Cardan Road men will join the franchisees and distributors work together to create brilliant determination. Mr. Cardin Road, Mr. Sun Xiaofei and orders related to the staff and the majority of the distribution agents attended the conference, Mr. Sun Xiaofei, chairman of the conference on the development trend of the industry with the majority of distributors to discuss the exchange of the meeting, Sun Xiaofei Mr. 020, focusing on the 020 business model, Mr.Han Jun, Director of o2o, Cardan Road, will review each of the O2O operating modes and the system functions of the five smartphones one by one. This will be a brilliant highlight of this order. In the difficult development of the industry, the sales volume and net profit of Cardinal Road men's terminal stores in 2014 still doubled. Chairman Sun Xiaofei confirmed the efforts of every Cardan passer-by. "Concentric win-win" theme interpretation: 2015 Kadan Road will be sharp, new, concentric, win-win year, 020 business model changes, the product's new design concepts are passing it will be a rise Opportunities, as long as the concerted efforts to create change thinking, we will achieve sustainable win-win situation. Mr. Sun Xiaofei, chairman of the board, said that as the theme of this fair, it experienced a steady development in 2014. In 2015, Cardinal Road Men's Clothing will open a new journey and take new measures to deal with a wider range of opportunities and more Serious challenges. At the ordering site, first of all, by our development staff on the product design concept, style characteristics, fabric texture selection, color matching, 2015 autumn and winter fashion trends and other detailed interpretation. Company staff in the process of ordering customers to give scientific and rational advice and guidance, such as ordering the latest product models, hot models, classic models, popular models, etc., so that our customers do know well to achieve scientific and effective order. In order to more intuitively see the product actually put on the body of the effect, on-site staff try on clothes, so that customers choose more satisfied with the product. Sincere thanks to ladies and gentlemen for our strong support of Kadan Road men, along the way, we grow together; we run together, work together towards the future.

Finishing Treatment Fabric

This kind of Functional Fabric is usually treated by adding functional materials, adding various preparations and processes in the production process and finishing process. The special functions usually include flame retardant,waterproof,oil proof,anti-static,anti-mosquito,hygroscopicity and quick drying,easy-care,antibacterial,anti-UV,infrared retardant,etc.

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