Haier brothers children's wear to create a green childhood

"Haier Brothers" is Haier Group invested 60 million, lasted 12 years, produced 212 episodes of animation, has won two awards: "Golden Boy Award", "Golden Eagle Award!" As China's longest original animation representative, hoping to take over the domestic animation market, breaking the United States, Japan, South Korea's three giant monopoly situation, created China National Animation Iron and the Great Wall. Adhering to the common philosophy of "common prosperity, symbiosis and win-win", Haier Group and Huarong Group make strategic alliances and strive to enter into the children's products industry with the aim of achieving the No.1 brand of children's products in China and promoting the rapid development of China's children's products industry. Haier Brothers brand based on the cultural needs of countries and ethnic groups in order to revitalize China's national industry as its mission to promote sunshine, health, courage, wisdom and happiness, and through edutainment, training children's independence, self-improvement, health and happy growth, culture Throughout its products, it is hoped that it will have a positive and positive impact on the next generation and realize its national feat of surpassing commercialism and culture by taking the position of the No.1 brand of children's products in China. Haier brothers children's wear to green as the image, committed to creating a green childhood for the 21st century children, placed their children advocating nature, mankind, the environment and get along with a better future! Haier brothers children's wear to the United States cotton and other international standards of cotton yarn material, scientific printing and dyeing process, will not add harmful to human health of chemical dyes, from the source of care for children's delicate skin, so that children enjoy super-high quality care. Even paper bags, tag, packaging materials, business cards and other children's clothing packaging Haier Brother RECYCLE environmentally friendly recycled materials, so that children from childhood care for the earth, caring for the world, fully demonstrate the Haier brothers caring for the earth the 21st century international corporate responsibility.

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