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Affiliate mode: 1, shopping malls, we guarantee to provide: · Adequate and competitive products · A variety of promotional activities · Large-scale fashion show planning and organization · National and regional advertising support · Marketing experts training, the Purchasing Guide · Perfect Pre-sale, sale, after-sales service · exquisite fashion pictures, POP posters · Strong support for the rules and promotions of shopping malls You need to have the basic conditions: · Your mall can provide not less than 30 square meters, located on the main floor , A good location for exhibitions and other conditions to be discussed separately 2. Franchise We promise to provide: · 4.5% discount on new products available · The corresponding city license card · A variety of promotional activities support · National and regional advertising support · Perfect Before the sale, sale, after-sales service · Unified style of the design of the decoration (free) · New season promotion of fashion shows · The first batch of goods to give 50% replacement rate, the delivery period of 45 days, after the match Goods and chase goods Chase goods according to the receipt of the goods within 30 days of the limit, according to the supply price of 20% replacement · marketing experts training director, Purchasing Guide · cost price to provide identification, Box, fashion pictures, POP posting the basic conditions you need to have: · not less than 100,000 yuan of start-up capital · pay 20,000 yuan brand margin · owns or leases a prefecture-level or above commercial shops (use area not less than 35 square meters) · Have a certain business experience (clothing operators have done better) · High school (or equivalent) or more cultural literacy 3, the regional agency you will enjoy: · Franchise all the preferential policies · Meet the agreed sales scale After a substantial Rangli · agent regional franchise, the right to market development You need to have the basic conditions: · 50,000 yuan brand margin · Other conditions by the Company Merchants Group is responsible for discussing joining procedures 1. Consultation and exchange. 2. Intention to exchange, face to face negotiations. 3. Look for shops, fax shop drawings. 4. Store comprehensive assessment, market analysis. 6. Shop construction and decoration. 7. employee training. 8. Examination and acceptance. 9. Peihuo and the company to assist the opening preparations. 10. Officially opened. Joining conditions 1. Store requirements of more than 30 square meters. 2. Own or lease a commercial place above ground level. 3. Relevant brand management experience. 4. Have enough market start-up funds. 5. Subject to the unity of the company's brand image. 6. Pay the distribution guarantee RMB thirty thousand yuan. 7. Need to have a market development plan. 8. In the course of business strictly abide by the "one store a standard" or well-known shopping malls counters.

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