Sea Jia Shi discount into the music from the music store

December 24 Hai Jiashi music from the grand opening of the store! During the opening, shops give customers discounts big bargain activities.

Haijia Shi discount women , the combination of leisure and traditional Chinese classic, the pursuit of simplicity and fashion design resonance, with the feminine design elements, with the modern approach to convey "Haijia Shi" stylish, beautiful, upscale brand personality . With simple, soft show urban women desire romance, pure and unique souvenir, showing the modern woman elegant, pure, beautiful style.

Haijia Lecong store is the first to use the image of the third generation decoration, therefore, in the entire image and grade have a great improvement. Hejia Shi consumer products targeted at urban women between the ages of 25-45 , the main consumer groups located in 25-45 -year-old married and have a certain spending power of women.

Women Padded Bra

For our women's padded bra, we use high quality and soft sponges to make the product, they are well supported to have a good shape when on wearing. Our product material are breathable, eco-friendly and comfortable, they will not scratch your skin. We have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery. So if you buy a plum product, trust us to deliver!

Padded Bra

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