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EGIL, the British royal descendants. Born in Hong Kong in the 1960s. EGIL since childhood is very rebellious, self! When his father was disappointed when EGIL did not want to inherit his ancestral because of his rebellious personality was surprised to find that a small EGIL clothing designer talent quite! He actually cut the edge of the worn out denim with personalized patterns, creating the popular "beggar outfit!" To this EGIL parents decided to send him to Tokyo's prestigious Tama Art Institute (TAMA ART UNIVERSITY) to study clothing design. In the late 1980s, after graduation, EGIL set up its own men's design studio in Hong Kong and founded its own brand in the same period. Because of his rebellious, self-character, he named the brand "UNUSUAL EGO", abbreviated as EGOU, meaning unlimited, extraordinary, individual self. Chinese is understood as "infinite self!" Thus started the corporate operation of EGOU [Infinite Self] brand. In the same year, EGOU exhibited its first ready-made garments in Hong Kong and Tokyo and received wide acclaim. Its products are popular in Eastern Europe, North America and Singapore. With the mainland clothing market has matured, casual fashion has gradually become the mainstream of men's fashion. In 2007, EGOU identified Lexus Fashion Co., Ltd. as its brand in China to fully enter the Chinese market. In early 2009, EGOU has invested heavily in contracting star movie star Su Youpeng, hired him to become the image of China EGOU spokesperson. So far began to write EGOU brand new chapter in the development of China!

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