Carrying the Humanistic Connotation of Chinese Women Magic Bird opens a new concept of fashion

The reform and opening up of China, first recognized by Western media and the public, is neither a red tape for the Red Wall compound nor a reform of various systems in various administrative regions, nor is it a cash crop on the rural fields. But the changes of the ordinary people wearing the streets of the city, especially the changes in women's clothing even more noticeable.

In today's environment, the notion of political symbols has long faded, but as a technical parameter of aesthetic taste, this function is increasingly being continuously strengthened. The Magic Bird R & D team under High Luxury is always thinking about the soft human value of women's fashion in the changing times from a broader social background. Looking at China's modern history, especially during the 30 years of reform and opening up, the process of development in fashion can be said to be basically a process of westerly eastward growth, especially influenced by the styles of Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. However, in recent years, the awakening of Chinese cultural elements began to emerge.

The first is the wave of Europe and the United States. This is mainly due to the people's love and respect for high-end European and American clothing brands such as PRADA, CHANEL and GUCCI, which strongly influence the market trend of Chinese women's clothing from the mainstream value of society. High-end female consumer groups can be said that these garments have become popular lead sister, coupled with the apparel industry which follow the trend of thinking, a large number of imitation clothing also came into being, which objectively also benefits to those relatively low-end Consumer groups, so that they also have the opportunity to become fans of these clothes.

The external characteristics of these European and American dress is mainly leisure, fashion, handsome-based. Of course, in China, Europe and the United States-style clothing is a broader concept, often also will be equally affected by the European and American influence of Japan's clothing are also attributed to this category. For example, Victorian style was scraped at the beginning of 2009, and by 10 years it was dominated by the French romantic style represented by Rococo and Baroque styles. In the 11th year, it turned to occupations like Japanese occupation and recreation The concept of combining.

High-luxury companies through the tracking of market data found that there is not much change in this business culture phenomenon. From the moment the domestic women's market can be seen that agree with this concept of brand products are also in an increasing process, OTT, DECOSTER are among the more representative of the female brand.

Followed by the style of Korean clothing. Korean fashion infiltration of the Chinese market, to be confirmed is to go back to the nineties of the last century. That was when in 1996, South Korea's "New World Department Store" chartered the entire ground floor of the newly opened First Pudong Shanghai Pudong with a focus on selling and selling more than 20 top Korean brand names, Sales model in the domestic garment industry has formed a powerful impact. It is only because of the sudden onset of the Asian financial crisis that this already-into-accelerated market expansion plan ended without any success. Many Korean enterprises have almost completely disrupted their related businesses in China. About three or four years later, with South Korean TV dramas and Korean celebrities getting popular in mainland China, South Korean clothing once again took the opportunity to flow into China. However, the tangled part among them was that most of the clothes were "spreads" coming from the wholesale market in Dongdaemun, , Attracting the crowd appears down, mainly in the domestic city who are keen on "little girl" turned over.

However, the stubbornness of Korean garment enterprises, just as they were able to get out of the financial turmoil, is trying to change this situation by establishing high-value-added production systems for high fashion in the coming years through access to high-tech factors. As far as the current situation is concerned, South Korea is gradually becoming a world fiber powerhouse. In particular, it has considerable development advantages in terms of new chemical fiber technologies and has fully reflected it in the production of ready-made garments.

Korean fashion fashions more than Europe and the United States fox is that its product design to highlight the human body curve, the style is also more in line with the aesthetic taste of young people in the country. Korean women in leisure under the tone usually with some obvious ladies means, for example, in the chest with small boutonniere chest or bow, so capable of dress will reveal the quiet and lovely vivid side. These small steps are not fashionable alternative, close to the trend but not too much, and their clothing size version than the European and American brands closer to the Chinese female customers, this cultural commonality, it is easy for Chinese consumers Produce value resonance.

Once again is the rise of China's elements. The concept of Chinese women's culture also has its own voice and exhibition space in the field of fashion. This depends entirely on the long history of the Chinese nation to create a brilliant heritage of fine art. The current trend of women's clothing, ethnic clothing also has a certain market share. Those with national costumes and traditional printed cheongsam, etc. in the field of women's fashion occupy a place. At the same time, however, it is also necessary to realize that the national share of apparel needs to be further improved and expanded.

At present, people of insight in relevant industries in China urgently need to tap and try their best to promote series of Chinese national style fashion clothing, make appropriate improvements to traditional products in order to reconcile the current fashion trends and grafting. There may be some practical difficulties, from Dialectics point of view, but it is also the most female market in the market potential and economic content of a not fully exploitative virgin land.

It is based on the Chinese women's fashion market these cultural and economic understanding, Magic Luxury luxury clothing company launched the brand at the beginning of operation, attaches great importance to the above aspects of the combination and improvement. High luxury clothing company has long-term product design and production experience, over the years has been the world's top fashion brands to provide OEM services, relying on broad cultural vision and strong economic and technological strength, to the domestic market grand launch of the Magic Bird series On the performance of the most incisive, with a new perspective and philosophy for the domestic 25 - 35-year-old intellectual women to provide accurate products and services.

In the specific product design, high luxury clothing company and the world's top team of designers in-depth cooperation, the main research and development team are from Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries, timely access to the essence of international pop elements, organic integration into the Eastern luxury fashion design, not Predict the so-called future trends, just capture the hottest fashion in the world point. In other words, keeping pace with the world's popular style and implementing it on specific products, especially for modern women with a variety of fashionable ladies, looks very different apparel in the internal mechanism to follow a same aesthetic principle: that Is the use of apparel outlines the effect of different body shape under the outline of the sex appeal. Inside the industry which first proposed the "monthly trends + fast fashion sales service," the concept of mode; in the sales approach also took a more dynamic and stylish online mall mode; this model also brings more affordable consumer audience , So that Magic Bird can provide first-class customer at a very low price

Of the product quality; full advocate of big civilians, through advanced marketing as a whole, for customers to establish the same advanced consumer philosophy: "little extravagant lifestyle" concept of social communication. Particular emphasis on the aesthetic judgment of women's fashion standards: money is not the only measure of luxury standards, the perfect combination of art and quality is the ultimate manifestation of luxury. It is no exaggeration to say that Magic Bird series is one of the best brands in the current women's field with the highest quality and best value for money.

Particularly worth mentioning is that in the recent East Asia Core World Asian Miss Contest, Magic Bird clothing from dozens of brand apparel business competition stand out, won the contest designated clothing, and won the contestants and judges , The audience agreed with a high degree of recognition. While the Asian lady in Albania spread oriental charm and wisdom, Magic Bird itself made a perfect appearance in the field of Chinese women's fashion.

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