Love yarn baby walked into Heilongjiang, opening day ushered in a good start

January 1, 2012, the beginning of the new year, Love yarn baby underwear settled in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province New Mart department store, Love yarn Costume Group (China) Co., Ltd. Executive Director Zou Jifu to the scene cut the ribbon and speech from all walks of life come to celebrate, Atmosphere solemn and warm, opening day to catch the New Year holiday, so that the underwear sales usher in a good start, the turnover exceeded 10,000 mark.

Over the past two years, Love yarn baby underwear relying on the company's strong advantages and strong financial strength, all the way in the Chinese market gains across the board, in southern China has extensive and far-reaching influence, has been established covering most of the Northwest, Southwest, South China market, Covering all, high-end underwear market, the extension of Heilongjiang is the international layout of Love yarn comprehensive northeast start.

Love yarn baby listed in Hong Kong in 2009, landing the mainland market in 2010, with the "comfort, health and fashion" brand positioning, price-min, humane services, has been recognized and loved by countless women. Love sand yarn baby underwear ergonomics, underwear design and mobility of fat movement principle, combined with the characteristics of oriental women, the use of bamboo carbon fiber, silk and silk fabrics, silk wool and other high-tech materials, coupled with the cup to take three Three-dimensional cut, not only the pressure on the breast zero, to create the female curvaceous, but also has the correct shape, adjust the distribution of fat, prevent breast disease and other functions, opened up a new era of healthy and comfortable plastic.


The most noteworthy is that love yarn baby memory bra has been listed on the urban women's recognition and favor, quickly swept up. Love yarn baby memory bra, also known as love yarn baby magic ring bra, the cup set the lower part of a memory alloy, according to the human body shape arbitrary camber (360 degrees), care of women's chest, prevent breast lesions such as breast , So that no sense of pressure on the chest, the rim can support high breasts, strengthen the breasts shaping the cleavage, but also can effectively improve the female underarm Fuxie, improve chest expansion, sagging phenomenon, so that women's breasts more beautiful and more. Love yarn baby magic ring bra tailor cut, soft design and advanced technology to create like a soft second skin, showing the original female sexy and self-confidence, is a high-tech environment-friendly bra, in line with modern women's health and ecological beauty pursue.

Love yarn international vision with a forward-looking brand awareness and rapid development of the brand, the rapid expansion to the country and the world, courage and courage from Love yarn underwear science internal management, high-quality design team, advanced equipment and technology, improve the "nanny Style "franchise service system and the Terminal body care shopping guide service, coupled with a wide range of marketing, media delivery strategy, so love yarn become a rising star in the field of lingerie, into the dark field of underwear.

Love yarn always adhere to the "people-oriented, women's health care," the concept of the brand's road to development healthy, smooth, fast, become China's health underwear processing plant and the most popular consumer top ten underwear brand , the products are sold far in Europe and America has become a popular underwear brand for overseas women and has realized the beautiful original intention of "based on China and radiating the world".

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