"Aimei Nite" brand women wish you all the best, everything goes well, family fun!

When the bell rang through the night sky, we ushered in a promising year 2012. On the occasion of this festive season, all employees of Aimeidite (Beijing) Garment Co., Ltd. hereby express my heartfelt thanks to all the new and old customers. I wish you all the best in your life in 2012, working smoothly and happy!


Aimeidite Group was established in 2009, mainly engaged in the French Aime Nite (AMNT) women's brand , with fashion, weekends women's, handbags and other brands, including Aimeijite high-end brand Aimei Nite advanced clothing Will be landing in the Chinese market. At the same time, the Group operates a brand of Korean-conscious women's fashion brand. It owns a series of brands including Korean-style fashion, wearable ladies' bags and women's bags. ISLIU (Stream of Consciousness) brand new fashion home-service brand will be launched soon. Aimit Group is a joint venture between Hong Kong Asiatic Wealth Group Co., Ltd., France Aimeidite Garments (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Korea Consciousness Flow International Garments (China) Co., Ltd., Aimeidite (Beijing) Garments Co., Aimei Nuite Garment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ba Bao Sa Sha leather Co., Ltd. jointly build the brand as the core, diversified operations of the integrated company.


AMNT is the abbreviation of AIMEENIT, AIMEENIT from a former music genius Aimee Mann, emphasizing self-pursuit of elegant, simple, beautiful and unique style. This placed on the fashion, self, simple, intellectual beauty has become our brand's basic pursuit of the point and the core concept. So there "AIMEENIT" Chinese "Aimeidite."

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