Italian "Italian Fei Ya" women successfully stationed in Sichuan Dazhou

" Italian Accor " fashion style, scrape into Shudu. Will be grand opening April 5, 2012. Stay tuned!

Renderings are as follows:


ITAIY Italian Faye Wong "brand serves the urban women who are full of positive, intellectual and beautiful dreams for their own lifestyle.

"ITAIY Yi Feiya" is oriented by the trend of international fashion. "ITAIY Yi Feiya" is also designed to meet the fashion demands of domestic urban women. "ITAIY Yi Feiya" pursues the concept of "noble, elegant, confident and generous" "ITAIY Italian Accor" strive to perfect the perfect shape of women's unique soft.


Fabric style: The basic use of Taiwan, Japan, Korea and mainland China fine fabrics.

Quality advantage (product quality assurance)

In strict accordance with the ISO9002 quality assurance system, SA-8000 social responsibility certification and 5 S comprehensive quality management guidelines and environmental protection, health standards to strictly quality.



Company Name: Dongguan City Zhiwei Clothing Co., Ltd

Official Website: http://

Contact: Mr. Lee

Fashion hotline:


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