Golf apparel responds positively to "Earth Hour"

In the high consumption, audio-visual wireless human aesthetic pursuit of the times, many brands into the wrong clothes. Dongguan East Asia golf apparel design and development of human consumption should have rational attitude. This is good for the design community as well. Design community friends should always remind ourselves, how to maintain conscience, to avoid becoming a deformity of the pursuit of tools, Lun as a mere servant of commercial interests. With the globalization of environmental protection, green products and their consumption have become the new trend of leading international trade. The demand for environmental quality has become one of the specific goals of consumers' quality of life, which is reflected in consumers in western countries Especially obvious. Europe can be said to be the vanguard of environmental protection consumer goods, following the German and the Netherlands have banned the use of azo dyes clothing, Europe is now considering the requirements of textiles in line with OKo-Tex Standard 100 standards. At present, the trend of ecological environment deterioration in some areas has not been effectively checked, the scope of ecological environment destruction is expanding, the degree is aggravating, the harm is aggravating. In short, "local improvement, the overall deterioration." The existing eco-environmental management thinking in our country lacks defects in the protection of the ecology, especially the ecosystem as a whole. Ecological problems, a serious threat to our lives bit by bit. Dongguan East Asia golf apparel as a citizen, as a child, we have the responsibility to maintain the environment we live in, from design and development to manufacturing, from manufacturing to the terminal sales environment has been the guide. Design, production and sales of environmentally friendly clothing. Earth Hour is an initiative by the WWF in response to global climate change. It is also a test of Ms. Gol's responsibility to protect the Earth and shows its support for the global fight against climate change. Dongguan East Asia golf apparel 90 terminal stores all employees respond positively, turn off the lights for an hour on the day of the event.

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