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Marriage Editor: A survey of Chinese men's purchases and their knowledge of underwear brands conducted a market survey that shows that Chinese men spend less than 33% of their clothing on underwear. In a survey of men aged from 20 to 40, we found that 90% of men think that underwear should only be used as a shame, regardless of its fashion and other effects. In fact, the role of underwear in medicine is to protect the testicles of men, because the testicles than the body temperature of two degrees lower. Put on underwear, but also reduce the friction between thighs and pants, and even prevent odor leakage. Slender editor: From this perspective, since ancient times, underwear are men's close baby. From the leaves to the ever-changing underwear, and men have been in love with each other for thousands of years, so when it is chosen can not be taken lightly, the most suitable for their own, is the best ... ... Male underwear classification - is a thick crowd of people preferred, but also can be modified more slender legs. Slender Editor: Boxer Pants - Too thick or too thin legs are not suitable for people to wear. Slender editor: corners of the tight pants - the advantages of shorts and briefs briefs underwear, appeared tight boxer boxer pants, simple and eye-catching style, a sign of sunshine boy. Wear some thin or tight pants no panties traces; slender editor: thongs - thongs are divided into single Ding and double Ding. Only one line behind the crotch design is a single Ding, people who are not used to wearing some uncomfortable. There are two belts divided into fixed on both sides of the buttocks, is the pair of shorts, the biggest advantage of these two models is excellent air permeability, can adapt to any strenuous exercise of the wearer, while wearing tight pants will not leave traces is Fashion men's favorite. Slender editor: Tight stretch leggings - Trousers reach the thigh length, the role of beam pants, which will help the thigh muscles tight, plastic body shape. Couples Editor: Four corners loose underwear - Trousers reach the upper thigh length, mostly cotton texture, loose non-elastic, generally have the front buckle, because it does not wrap tight buttocks and legs of the oppressive feeling, very fat and elderly welcome. Couples Editor: Sexy underwear - no matter what kind of figure, wear sexy underwear, will increase a lot of pleasure for your sexual intercourse. Erotic underwear is a kind of expression of love, so that love into a intoxicated, romantic realm. It represents a romantic, fun, life is the need to embellishment. Now many online stores are selling "lingerie", style development, bold, fun. The Chinese market has gradually accepted the fun underwear, and now the sales of erotic underwear market is more and more popular.

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