Xiangtan Man Carved Statue of Confucius with Giant Wood

He did not study many books, but he did not graduate yet in junior high school. However, he knew the importance of learning. With his diligent hands, he had received a higher education for a group of children. Today, he set out to sculpt a statue of Confucius in the hope that respecting the teacher and teaching can become the mainstream of the society. On December 29, in a studio near Xiangtan University, we met Yang Shengqian and his Confucius woodcarving.

He has not graduated from junior high school. He has more than 30 years of carving history. Yang Shengqian, a 63-year-old Yang Shougan, is a Ningxiang native who came to live in Xiangtan with his son around 2000. When he was in junior high school, he met a cultural school and suspended his class. Then he read a private lesson and contacted Confucius' Confucian culture there. Later, he worked as a soldier, an accountant, and a furniture factory. He learned woodwork for three months.

“I love to write, love painting, love hands, and have been engaged in carving for more than 30 years. This year, Xiangtan University and the University of Leon, Spain, established the Confucius Institute. Out of the constant respect for Confucius, I produced something. The idea of ​​Confucius wood carving.” Yang Shengqian told us.

Confucius, like the success of carving, will donate Yang Shengqian's Confucius wood carving to a paulownia weighing about 1,200 pounds. After rough carving, it will only be over 400 pounds. This 2.1-meter-high Confucius wood carving must be thick and airy. Confucius crossed his hands on his chest and smiled on his lips, but his face was very solemn and awe-inspiring.

“It took me a week to complete the rough work and eight blood blisters on my hand. Then I spent a month to sculpt this image.” Yang Shenggan said that because the water in the tree is heavy, After a year of air drying, we can continue to polish.

"After careful carving, the characters will be smoother and the patterns on the clothes will become clearer. You can paint again and you're done."

Yang Shenggan believes that many traditional cultures in China are derived from the guidelines of Confucius. After Confucius wood carvings are completed, they may be donated to a school.

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