Yung Yue ladies always wish you all wishes come true, all the best!

Dongguan Yung Yue Garments Co., Ltd. always with the staff wish the majority of customers all the expectations of the new year can appear, all the dreams can come true, all hope can do so, all the pay can be honored, safe and secure , Happy!

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Yung Yue Women always wish you Dragon Year thought!

Dongguan Yung Yue Garments Co., Ltd. is a collection of product development, production and sales in one of the young and full of vitality apparel companies. We have been looking for up to 5 years of OEM experience, since 2007 the company founded LOYER.MOD brand, the company's innovative management style and advanced customer service philosophy, making LOYER.MOD products, once launched, in the history of e-commerce network will sound Flies, with LOYER.MOD independent product style, stable product quality and service, already has a large group of loyal customers.

Combined with the current online sales channels, we will develop more entities franchisees to take the network and store a combination of ways to build a more complete and efficient humanity shopping channels, to provide customers with better quality LOYE.MOD fashion products.

"Integrity of life, hard work" is the company employees must follow the code of conduct. We have abide by the "communication, cooperation, integrity and win-win" work philosophy and spirit of service team.

The company always uphold the enthusiasm, innovation, pragmatism, rigorous purpose, create brilliant achievements, the cause of Yue Yue clothing to one after another new peak.

 Bucket hats are very suitable for outdoor sports. It's good for hiking. It's good for fishing too . Bucket hats are not only  shading but also fashionable. Our buckets are very popular in European and American professional buyers. Bucket hats can be used as very good promotional products, the logo can be printed or embroidered on cap, it will be very obvious . It's a good way to advertise. 

Bucket Hat

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