The world's most romantic watch - Sophie Marceau Lovers Bridge time to set the operating instructions

Sophie Marceau The bridge of Sophie Marceau's Lovers, the most romantic watch in the world, uses the most creative techniques. The girl represents the hour hand and the boy represents the minute hand. At 11:55 am, the boy and girl Will meet on time and "kiss" for 5 minutes, at 12 o'clock the whole division, each back to the "0" bit position, looking forward to the next meeting, "kiss" twice a day. It is passed on a pursuit of a beautiful romantic love, which gives the alternate fusion of love and time, the interpretation of the missed, meet and keep the love of the cycle of reincarnation, the instant love of love needs to be repeated so that eternal ! April 17, 2012, Sophia Marceau lover's bridge has been fully listed, only through the Internet sales, loved by lovers Bridge fans. However, because of its extraordinary romantic design impresses the user's lover Bridge watch complex structure, therefore, Sophia Marceau bridge bridge head special reminder consumers: Do not show others the "kiss" effect and often Adjust the time, if it is found that the error is larger when you need to adjust the time, please read the operating instructions and then fully understand before making adjustments. Operating instructions: Time adjustment: hold down the C key for 3 seconds, minute hand will move around quickly, and then back to the original point in time, began to enter the timekeeping mode. · Press A key, minute hand clockwise one step (long press A key for 3 seconds, the minute hand will go clockwise, press any key to stop); · Press B key, minute counterclockwise step , The hour hand will go counterclockwise continuously and press any key to stop); After the time is adjusted, press C key to confirm, the minute hand moves around, and then return to the time just adjusted to complete the time adjustment process. Note: minute hand moves, the hour hand moves along. When the minute hand returns, the hour hand is still. Needle position calibration: When the watch encounters a magnetic field, heavy shock and other conditions lead to needle position indication is not allowed, you can calibrate the needle position calibration function. Press and hold A for 3 seconds to enter calibration mode. · The hour hand will quickly and automatically return to "0" position, if at this time the female shape of the umbrella tip is not aligned "0" position, you can press A, B keys for fine-tuning. Press A key, hour hand clockwise one step; single B key, hour hand anti-clockwise step. Note that this step can only be fine-tuning, press the key to move the position is very small, you need to press a few times to see it. · After the hour hand is aligned with the "0" bit, press the C key to confirm, the hour hand will quickly move back to "0" bit, then the minute hand will automatically quickly return to the "0" digit. · If at this moment, the rose tip of the male male pin is not aligned with the "0" bit, fine adjustment can be performed by pressing the A and B keys. Press A key, the minute hand clockwise to step; single B key, counterclockwise step by step, until the umbrella pointed at the "0" bit. Note that this step can only be fine-tuning, press the key to move the position is very small, you need to press a few times to see it. · After the minute hand is aligned with the "0" digit, press the C button to confirm. At this moment, the minute hand will move quickly and then return to the "0" digit. In this way, the hour and minute hands are at the "0" position to complete the pointer calibration. * After completion of the pointer calibration is completed, then follow the "time adjustment" method to adjust the exact time. Watch care and precautions: This watch is composed of sophisticated electronic components, in order to ensure the best performance, please refer to the following ways to do the watch maintenance: 1. Do not watch the long time at any extreme Conditions: sun exposure, extreme heat or cold conditions. · Extremely hot conditions will cause the watch to malfunction and reduce battery life. · Arctic conditions can slow down or go faster. 2. If your watch is not suitable for wet conditions, avoid leaving the watch in a humid environment. · Do not operate any function keys when the watch is in a watery state. If there is water or condensation on the surface, check the watch immediately. Water or water vapor can corrode the electronic components in the case. 3. Avoid excessive vibration or impact. Your watch is designed to withstand collisions under normal conditions of use. 4. Do not touch soap or other chemicals, so as not to damage the watch. · Do not wear watches under strong chemicals, solvents or gases. They may cause discoloration, deterioration, or damage to the watch case, straps and other components. 5. Avoid strong electric field or static electricity, so as not to damage the watch's mechanical structure. · In general, the watch will not be affected by the magnetic field of household appliances such as TVs and stereo systems. 6. Keep the watch clean • Use only a soft cloth and water to clean it. Do not immerse it in water. 7 Periodic check • It is recommended to check your watch every one or two years to ensure the watch will last for long and avoid malfunction. About the warranty: Sophie Marceau watch one year warranty service, please specify the country's general agent according to the law of the country where the warranty rules shall prevail. Sophie Marceau Lovers bridge Brand Sophie Marceau Sophie Marceau series bridge of lovers Case Stainless steel Water resistance 30 meters (life waterproof) Dial thickness 9mm Bracelet width 18mm Movement Swiss quartz movement, battery life ≥ 5 Annual error of ± 15 seconds / month strap calfskin watch dial size 36mm glass mirror hard crystal glass accessories original box, manual, warranty card, tag

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