FENDI 2012 Beijing Shin Kong Place boutique looks new look

芬迪女装 - FENDI

Worn in the Fendi2012 spring and summer collection of wedding dresses wedding dresses wedding dresses Xuan Guang FENDI 2012 Beijing Shin Kong Heaven and earth boutique old look new

FENDI boutiques, located on the first floor of Beijing's Shin Kong Place boutique, are elaborately decorated with gorgeous decorations and splendidly turned around. They continue to create Baroque style with sophisticated services in a space of nearly 240 square meters.

FENDI boutique store design concept emergent Fendi Roman origin, while highlighting the majestic momentum Rome's ancient capital of the world. Roman stone and black volcanic rocks have been given the Roman mark, become the protagonist of the store. Roman stone with horizontal stripes to create dynamic touch, bring visual impact. Stone rust color comes with a touch of years traces of people is reminiscent of the ancient Roman fountain.

FENDI 2012北京新光天地精品店旧貌换新颜

FENDI2012 Beijing Shin Kong world boutique old look new face

The ocher-yellow Rome was cut into arc-shaped slabs above the frame and suspended, while the walls tended to be smooth. In the furs area, under the arched Roman stone curtains is a rusted ocher yellowish-lined wall with white crystal trim embellished with walls, boutique handbags or suspended in a pedestal, or placed in a wall-mounted cabinet. Roman stone curtains all the way to the shoe area, the curtain to reproduce the rust stripes, the bottom is a pair of American footwear lying on the Roman slate waiting for customers to stop. Over-the-counter leading natural luxury customers easily Fenty boutique panoramic view.

FENDI 2012北京新光天地精品店旧貌换新颜

FENDI 2012 Beijing Shin Kong Place boutique looks new look

FENDI 2012北京新光天地精品店旧貌换新颜

FENDI 2012 Beijing Shin Kong Place boutique looks new look

April 18, 2012 Fendi's good friend and famous actress Miss Yao Chen visit Beijing's Shin Kong Place Fendi boutiques. Dressed in Fendi2012 spring and summer collection of white wedding dress style doll, in a pure white background, fresh and pleasant, coupled with advanced three-dimensional cut hem pendant body modification will be almost perfect, generous and elegant; wrist Jumped bracelets and follow the smile of the mouth, looks playful and sweet.

We gathered together with the mainstream media both at home and abroad to join us and witness this Italian classic Roman fashion settled in the imperial capital.

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