Frog prince determined to create children's fashion industry's first brand of leisure

2012 is the year of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the prince of frogs. It is also an important first year for the development and reform of the frog prince headquarters. The spending was on April 23 with the CCTV Children's Channel branding campaign. With CCTV's enormous influence and Unparalleled media advantages, and CCTV children's channel "animation DreamWorks", "animation world", "animation flip", "Galaxy Theater", "Animation Screenplay - Animated string skewer" part combination shows that Frog prince determined to create children's fashion industry's first brand of determination! Prince frog brand children's clothing The launch of a new round of CCTV advertising is another milestone in the brand development process, making frog Prince children's clothing to further enhance the visibility, once again open the brand new era! "Frog Prince Children's Wear" firmly grasp the international fashion trends, capture children lively, personalized publicity personality, style, color popular sensitive needs, the development of dynamic and international fashion elements of children's sports and leisure products, so that Products fully reflect the international fashion trends to meet the individual needs of children, the products are popular urban casual style, suitable for 0-16 years of creativity and vitality, with perseverance, love, confidence, the elite population. Products are exported to Southeast Asia, the United States, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, and won the praise of dealers and consumers, but also access to the relevant state authorities and consumers agree. Ladies and gentlemen, remember to come up with a remote control channel to the CCTV children's channel, "Frog Prince children's wear brand" landing animation world, animation flip, animation DreamWorks, Galaxy Theater, animation screenings grand opening!

Modern Latin Ballroom Dance Closed-toe Shoes

                                                                                                                        Each shoe has a 2.2mm thick OX suede sole and also features a metal shank embedded from the heel part of the shoe all the way down to the forefoot(length of the shank varies based on the length of the shoe). These are extremely flexible, lightweight and very comfortable, situable for amateur & professionals for practicing & performance

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