Let spring and summer "move" up

[The present website - World Shoe Guide] London Olympic Games, will soon bring a feast of sports, the distribution of the driving force in the field of sports equipment, but also to lead people to challenge the new environment, beyond the new limits. In the spring and summer of 2012, our consumers are more willing to turn around from the undercurrents, take off the complicated and Chen Yu, bid farewell to dignity and bondage, and enjoy everything that the sport brings with clear, light, simple and cheerful gestures.

First, let the body breathe healthily

With the escalation of attention to health issues in the whole society, people are paying more and more attention to the lifestyle of health care. In the clean space of free breathing, worrying is left behind, emphasizing purity and health. Shoe designers have also begun to develop more safe and reliable products.

The international dynamic lifestyle brand PUMA launched the 2012 advanced version of the running series. The BOLT FAAS 200 is an ultra-lightweight shoe with a light green sole with a low-key grey upper, which allows you to wear it like “Lightning "Human" Bolt's superman speed and relaxed and happy mood. Embark on such a pair of running shoes and feel the joy of running in the infinite lightness of spring.

This section of Gatsby is constructed of synthetic leather and nubuck Oxford upper. The most attractive is its high-quality internal woven board and white vulcanized sole design, which provides additional comfort for the wearer. Liberating your feet is as simple as that.

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