Toddler children can show a thick Korean trend

Hong Kong toot child brand 2012 autumn and winter new conference will be May 12 in Shenzhen F518 Fashion Industrial Park kicked off in full swing to promote the process of activities. By then, apparel dealers from all over the country will attend the conference, more than a hundred Doodle children fall and winter clothes will also be presented through fashion shows and exhibition hall to meet with you. Since entering the Chinese market in 2006, Tuk Tuk-child has successfully established a large-scale domestic direct sales network and customer service has been gradually systematized. DUDUKE family clothing as the company's flagship brand, both to convey a strong emotional appeal of the family, but also fully expressed personality, welcomed by individuals and family consumers. According to Du Qin, general manager of Duke introduced in the past decade, China's garment industry has doubled the size of the market by the end of 2010 has reached 500 billion yuan. China's garment market will triple again in the next ten years and reach 1.5 trillion yuan by 2020. Children's clothing, as a sunrise industry in the apparel industry, will have a rapid growth in consumer spending over the next ten years. According to market trends show that the company launched the "Paradise" theme series of parenting children's clothing, by the market's wide acclaim. Meticulous market research and brand research analysis, toot child can be more determined to make beggar children's clothing into a leader in children's confidence. In the 2012 autumn and winter design of the design above, Tuk Tuk children adhering to the theme of warmth, while adding more fashion elements, filled with big-name Fan children's cape fitted and cut simple and elegant long trench coat are the flagship girl's clothing, male Children's clothing on the basis of a little more handsome. As the prestigious parent-child brand, autumn and winter conference, of course, ultimately, the installation of parent-child figure, but also because of the addition of more fashion elements, toot child adult loaded affectionate, concise revealed a refined sense of design, echoes Lovely children's wear at the same time, elegant and generous. The series of children's wear at the conference featured "Seoul", "Lotte" and "Teddy" "Little Photographers and" Lotte "series which showed the optimistic nature of children." Seoul "showed a thick Korean trend and" Teddy " Series is as warm as a teddy bear, and put on a "little photographer", the little boy turned into a small literary Fan adults.

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