Apparel prices keep rising

A long cashmere wool coat is more than 800 yuan, and it takes only one week to select a style to tailor clothing and make a finished garment. In the same style, it takes more than 2,000 yuan to finish a brand shop in a big shopping mall. Recently, many young women have been targeting the clothing market in the face of rising brand fashion prices.

“Are you taking pictures? You can't shoot here. Please delete the pictures in your cell phone.” Recently, in the branded clothes counter in a large shopping mall on Nanjing East Road in Shanghai, Shao ** took her ** sister in the locker room. Trying to wear the gap, photographed with a cell phone, it was questioned by the salesperson. Shao ** went to the mall that day and wanted to take a look at the fancy clothes. Then he went to the clothing store to do one. The reporter turned around in a large department store. Many women's counters were tested by people who bought more, including many who took photos.

Compared to the depression in the clothing business in big shopping malls, those fabrics marketed with garments are very prosperous. Liu Jianguo operates a clothing store in the Hongqiao Fabric Center in Shanghai. “We only received 30 business transactions a week. Now it has soared to more than 60, and the number of orders has doubled,” says Liu Jianguo. “Actually, the price of custom clothes is also rising because of the rising prices of raw materials in the most recent month, but it is still lower than the price in the shopping malls.” Liu Jianguo calculated for the reporter, and prices were not paid a month ago. When flying, look for him to make a cashmere coat as long as 700 yuan, now almost 900 yuan, but the same clothes, to the mall may be more than 2,000 yuan, so custom clothes this year ushered in a hot scene. Wen/Xu Xiang

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