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Founded in June 1989 with a registered capital of 47 million yuan, Wuhan Taihe Garment Co., Ltd. is a diversified integrated company integrating brand TAHAN apparel marketing, production and processing, and property leasing. It is headquartered in Wuhan Jianghan Economic Development Zone Taihe Industrial Park, as of 2008 total assets has exceeded 210 million yuan.

Taihe Industrial Park covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters, construction area of ​​35,000 square meters, with international standards of plant and advanced computer management system, the company introduced the United States GGT CAD computer clothing design system, automatic cutting system, the entire computer Standard design, proofing, and from Japan, Germany Du Le Pu company to introduce first-class production lines, in strict accordance with the international ISO9001 quality assurance system operation, the company has long passed ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification, the current annual output of fashion headquarters 1 million / Sweaters, knitwear, scarves and other ladies boutique series, has formed a series of design, production and sales of a complete operating system, at home and abroad to establish a good brand image.

The company "TAHAN" brand women's wear , in the women's age, consumer habits, product positioning to meet the needs of women of all ages, levels, occupations and other needs. "TAHAN" brand women's well-known domestic brands. In the "China International Clothing & Accessories Fair" "Shanghai International Garment Expo" "China Fashion Week and China Design Expo" won many awards.

太和 - TAHAN

Companies adhering to the "innovation brand, guide consumption, expand the market, exquisite service" business philosophy, unswervingly take the "brand management" of the road. For each shop that operates TAHAN products, we strive for excellence and advancement in accordance with the standards and requirements of modern retail management, regardless of the mode of operation of goods, service attitude, decoration, display, advertising, promotion strategies, supply replenishment and computer systems. Enterprises to "market-oriented, brand culture and development, knowledge-based efficiency and create revenue," so that customer satisfaction 100%. So far, Taihe has dozens of central cities in the country with marketing agencies, its more than 200 TAHAN stores, sales network throughout the country. Companies to import advanced management concepts, through a powerful computer management system to achieve customer and company "zero distance" management.

After years of painstaking efforts and vigorously nurtured, TAHAN brand women's fashion has become a well-known brand. In 1997, Taihe invested RMB 20 million to buy CCTV a set of prime time five-second commercials. In the same year, Miss Qu Ying, an internationally renowned supermodel, was invited to join Taihe as its spokesman for "TAHAN".

太和品牌女装开拓创新 为现代高品质的生活服务

Into the new century, in order to allow enterprises to fly higher and further, Taihe clothing design center will be relocated to Shenzhen, and hired an internationally renowned fashion designer as design director, Taihe clothing into the pace of internationalization began to accelerate!

Today's Taihe clothing, the integration of the essence of Western and Western clothing, and continuously strengthen the connotation of the brand, relying on the parent company Tai Wo Group strong foundation, brand influence and marketing network radiation driving force, seize the opportunity to give play to their own advantages and strive to blaze new trails , To provide more perfect service for the modern high-quality life so as to enter a more challenging and bright future.

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Pageant Crowns

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