POSSIEY brand women's autumn and winter 2012 product launch conference a complete success

Spring breath, flowers of the ocean. April 2012 Porsche Neon Brand Womenswear Fall / Winter Product Launch Event was officially launched in the coastal city of Xiamen on April 26th. Agents, franchisees, excellent managers and people from all walks of life came together to meet at the grand event.


Porsche Cayman 2012 autumn and winter conference site chairman Rao Ruju long speech

During the meeting, Mr. Rao Ruguu, chairman of Porsche, first delivered a warm speech and affirmed the fruitful results of the brand strategy implemented by Porsche since 2009, looking forward to the future development strategy of the Porsche brand With the direction, the wisdom of humorous won the full acclaim. Mr. Qian Qian, Executive Director of the Company, gave a series of explanations on the design style and style of the clothing displayed on this meeting. Mr. Zhang Zhuogui, vice president of marketing, introduced the detailed planning of Porsche products promotion, marketing and terminal management. And expressed the hope that with the new platform for the exchange of information provided by the exchange platform, so that businesses and operators, retailers grow together. With the growing strength of both corporate clients as a whole, it will be fully qualified and capable of continuing to maintain the steady development of the brand and push the business of Puxi to a new level.


Porsche neon brand women and China International Research Center signing ceremony

In another development, in this marketing conference, Pauchini held a grand cooperation signing ceremony with China International Studies. PUSH introduced into the research center "Future Star" School of Business Faculty resources POSSNEY to create a dedicated terminal operation and management mode, and held training courses in various regions, to create first-class operators, managers, shopping guide.



Pau Ni brand women's autumn and winter 2012 product launches site

POSSNEY is a stylish, elegant and unique women's wear brand, which has won the favor of consumers with its noble quality and comfortable wearing effect since the brand strategy was launched in 2009. Our products are designed for women who are creative, confident and confident in fashion. The brand focuses on the original design, with the aim of designing high-quality clothing that closely matches the needs of daily life. It integrates the style of relaxed elegance and noble atmosphere to show the elegance and comfort of women Elegant personality temperament.

The new product launch to "elegant, bloom" as the main theme, a total of nearly 800 new clothing display, divided into stylish elegance, romantic tenderness, personalized luxury, weekend life, elegant wool five series, drawing on the latest Italian fashion 2012 Trend, regardless of color or style are at the leading level this season.


Pau Ni brand women's autumn and winter 2012 product launches site

Through this order, Pau Ni women's franchisees have double confidence, enthusiastic orders. Pau Ni from top to bottom presents a whole house of color, people excited, encouraged by morale, a magnificent picture of the exhibition is in the hands of Pianist Ni gradually spread ......

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