Thousands of partners with the summer of 2012, cast an intellectual image showing elegant

Thousands of partners in the summer of 2012, cast intellectual, showing an elegant image. Atmospheric, simple, casual simple with the effect, accompanied by a strong sense of design. It is not only a casual dress when traveling on vacation, but also the right kind of accessories can appear in the workplace and in the team. Make the wearer more gentle and closer to nature. Exquisite workmanship, the emphasis is to create a capable, simple, fresh image.


Founded in 2006, the company is located in the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou, is a collection of fashion design, production, marketing as one of the major clothing enterprises. It owns two Hangpai Top Ten women's brands, "1000 with", "Raining."
We have a group of high-quality design and management of marketing elite, with 2,000 square meters of image display and logistics center. We "Jiangnan charm; colorful woman" for the design concept, independent design each year, the development of thousands of models.
Companies in the production, sales, quality management are implemented on the network. We have the spirit of "quality of survival," the principle of each product are strictly tested. Since the establishment of the company, has been the full implementation of a win-win strategy of joining the franchise, has now established a nationwide radiation production, transportation, marketing network.

Consinee is professional natural fibre yarn Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, including 100% Wool Yarn ,Merino Wool Yarn,Wool Linen Blend Yarn,Wool Linen Yarn. Consinee Group-Topline supplys fancy style yarn like wool Boucle Yarn , Wool Brush Yarn or wool Slub Yarn in stock service.

below is our 100% wool yarn:

Re: BYRON:3/68 100% mercerized wool yarn(110`s) (worsted)-14gg

Re: 2/60 100% super soft merino wool yarn(100`s)- 16gg

 Re: 2/68 100% mercerized merino wool yarn(90`s)- 16gg


Wool Yarn

Wool Yarn,Merino Wool Yarn,Wool Linen Blend Yarn,Wool Linen Yarn

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