Laughter laugh children feel innocent and fresh pastoral

Laughter laughs children's clothing 2012 spring and summer new "spring series, fashion leisure series, leisure sports series, Pastoral style series" four series. Today, Xiaobian take everyone to enjoy the laughter fish garden style family, feel the innocent pure and fresh atmosphere! Pastoral style series: This series of stripe is a crucial element, colorful pinstripe is best suited for use in this series, in the men's seemingly disorganized large-area lettering is printed from the garden Inspired by natural splashes of color, this classic print gives a fresh look and a yellow sensation that gives a fresh and bright sensation is once again appearing as a once popular color in this season . Women in the summer flowers unrestrained situation has also been integrated into the little girl's fantasy, elegant style with exquisite fabrics, and then embellished with lace, roses and thin silk, the girl who distributed the Bohemia atmosphere of thin clothing, Color splashing naturally in dresses and blouses, dancing through the garden, pastel colors blend together, creating a pure and fresh atmosphere. (Boys to yellow, green-based) (girls to pink green, pink-based).

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