EP Ya Ying Jiangyin Living Museum opened a new museum

April 21, 2012, EP Elegant Jiangyin Life Museum opened the new museum and summer 2012 release scheduled to take place, the summer light, brilliant colors, elegant ying elaborately dressed in a hit elegant fashion - beautiful dress color, grace elegant dress , Lazy leisure resort service, with many ultra-eye-catching bags jewelry, regardless of color, fabric to the details of the cut, all for the 2012 spring and summer fashion strict selection, it is full of happiness this season clothing proposal. Mainland temperament actress Tong Yao helped the scene, its starring "Snow in Taipei" on April 1 this year, the whole country.

爱丽娜米罗 - Elena Mirò


Inherited the essence of the classic exotic culture, EP Ya-Ying designers will be very stylish sense of the bright colors into the summer of 2012: Smart Emerald Green, Blue Lake Blue, eye-catching honey yellow, beautiful Hermes Orange, the rate of red, sketched EP is full of tension in the summer of new products; whether the office white-collar workers OFFICE TIME PARTY TIME successful people, or entertainment RESORT TIME, EP Ya Ying different life style gives a full set of elegant program.


"Clothing is the expression of inner strength, every inner elegant woman, must learn to use clothing for their extra points." Recently in the national hot pure love movie "Taipei snow" actress Tong Yao, dressed in an EP Ya Ying Golden drag dress came to the scene to help out the film nominated for Asia's highest level Film Festival - Tokyo Film Festival main competition unit. At the scene, Tong Yao also shared her dress code. "I love the dress. I love the brilliant colors. I want all the beautiful women to live in a happy and loving angel."


EP Ya believe, beautiful woman, with elegant manners, crystal heart, a harmonious and balanced life, infinite love of energy, full of glorious happiness. All along, EP Ya Ying is committed to the modern urban women elegant attitude, high-quality life guide, the Jiangyin Living Museum opened, facing the two-story building, an area of ​​nearly 1,600 square meters, with a new attitude to a more refined and elegant store image, Carry the elegant style and content of women's elegant life. The store's smooth lines, elegant, sophisticated layout and classic use of color, embodies the elegant interpretation of elegant life EP Ya. According to reports, since 2006, EP Yaosu started in the country big shop model, spending huge sums in the key cities in the bustling commercial street to open the iconic large-scale shops, fashion life Museum. With the advancing of the big shop mode, EP Ya Living Hall opened its doors in Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi'an successively. The large-scale flagship store and image storehouse took the floor in the first and second tier cities nationwide.

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