Jiu Zi, targeting the first Chinese women's brand

Anzheng Fashion Group has always regarded R & D as the core and most important part of the industry chain. R & D center not only set up R & D center in Shanghai, a modern international metropolis, but also cooperated with famous NALILOLY design in Paris, France Firm established a long-term strategic partnership for Jiu Zi brand can fully interpret the most fashionable European fashion synchronization, popular style laid a solid foundation.

玖姿 - JUZUI

Companies operating in good faith to supreme, "like-minded, peerless, win-win development, Yong-for the first" for the premise of long-term cooperation, the company now has a number of outstanding franchisees, they will Jiu Zi as a struggle career. Jiu Zi brand sales network is now covering all parts of China, a steady annual increase in market share has formed a strong market competitiveness. Jiu Zi, targeting the first Chinese women 's brand.


Nine positions to "talent" as the yardstick, "Germany" as a cut, supplemented by nine posture characteristics of the training of personnel training and development system, Jiuzi Jiuzi "meritorious, virtuous world," the core talent strategy to ensure that the order of outstanding talent Include scientific and effective improvement of existing personnel. Create a corporate culture that "makes successful people successful and makes successful people more successful." Since the end of 2007, An Dong Fashion Group and Donghua University School of Art and Design co-founded the "Tung Wah - Nine Positions Out-of-school teaching practice base" has become a firm platform for the cultivation of designers, businesses and institutions of the powerful combination of advantages complement each other has become the industry Story of the story.

Satchel, as the name suggests, is a bag that can be slanted back. Bags are no longer the exclusive right of women. Bags have become one of the personal belongings of men going out, especially the sloping bag, which is not only convenient but also generous. The structure design of the satchel determines the practical, durable and comfortable performance of the bag.

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