"Spring Scenery" Beautiful World 2013 Spring Order Closing

On August 3, 2012, the graceful world spring 2013 trade fair was held as scheduled.

The ordering will continue in the form of a combination of static and dynamic in the past. Model catwalks and franchisees will try new products at close range. Everyone has more real experience and judgment on the trends and fabrics of the new season. After two days, distributors from all over the country ordered their orders in an orderly and orderly manner based on the situation of the shop's customers. The successful conclusion of this fair has laid a solid foundation for stable operations in the spring of 2013.
Beautiful World, one of Shenzhen's famous women's clothing companies, has been working hard for nearly 16 years. Currently, the company owns nearly 9 original independent brands. In recent years, the beautiful world is committed to "innovative spirit, fashion boutique" continuously improve the product's style and quality, to bring better products for the market consumers. In order to continuously enhance the designer's spirit of innovation, Beautiful World has been holding the “Successful Boss” Cup Fashion Show Contest that promotes the exchange of designers since 2010. Nearly 10 brands have performed on the same stage and have won widespread praise from the industry.

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