Zhuang Ji JUDGER executive business installed "solemn, auspicious life"

JUDGER Zhuangji brand from China's most dynamic city - Wenzhou, July 1996, three unrelated business elite sincere cooperation, not only created a model of modern enterprise system in Wenzhou, but also gives JUDGER Zhuangji Brand new vitality. Dignified, elegant, noble and stylish, JUDGER ZHUANGJI with connoisseurs eyes for successful business people and cultural taste of consumers tailor-made, so that they continue to show their own stage of self. "Solemn one, auspicious life," JUDGER Zhuangji brand connotation of the suit itself represents the western gentleman culture and the Chinese nation, "solemn and auspicious" traditional blessing culture organically together, by the vast number of consumers. JUDGER Zhuang Ji in the design into the innovative, simple, pure concept and elegant, stylish, simple, casual, urban life of the mainstream Italian style, the selection of the latest international fashion fabrics and the most innovative functional materials, strict control of production technology, To provide consumers with high-end, high-quality products. JUDGER Zhuangji executive business men not only give a symbol of identity, but also consumers advocate the quality of life, the pursuit of wisdom and perfect the best interpretation of the cities now have more than 300 members to join the franchise, chain Monopoly Network.

The high quality beach wool is used, and the whole sheepskin is produced through 21 techniques. The fine workmanship is guaranteed. The size of this leather vest is one size.
The quality is depend on the price, we have thousands of products, we can't promise that all the products have thesame quality, for we need to satisfy different customer's requirements, some one needs high quality, some one needs low price ,it's To your requirements !

Tibet Lamb Skin Vest

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