Recycled filament polyester fiber blowing low-carbon green wind

Speaking of the concept of recycled filament polyester fiber, many people may feel very strange. In fact, this type of fiber is made of recycled waste polyester (bottles, waste yarns, waste textiles, etc.). The fibers, which can be prepared by physical methods and chemical methods, respectively, have the same properties as virgin filament polyester fibers. The implementation of recycling a variety of benefits Recycled filament polyester fiber is divided into a number of varieties. Among them, the renewable FDY filament polyester fiber can do both the bottom of the carpet, Oxford cloth, wrapping cloth, woven silk fabric. Recycled DTY filament polyester fibers can also be blended with cotton, wool, linen, silk and synthetic fibers for weaving or knitting to produce a wide range of woven and knitted fabrics for jackets and casual wear , Suits suits, shirts, underwear, T-shirts and towels, bath towels, bed sheets and so on. Recycled filament (industrial) polyester fiber is mainly used for tire cord, conveyor belt, canvas, car seat belts and conveyor belts. The production of recycled filament polyester fiber in line with the state of the original filament polyester fiber standards, more of the recycling of waste polyester. This not only helps to restructure the structure of China's petrochemical raw materials, reduce the dependence on petroleum resources, and effectively replenish the supply of raw materials, but also save land, solve the problems of food and agriculture, reduce environmental pollution and achieve a low-carbon economy and a green economy. Speed ​​up the expansion of scale production As a representative of low-carbon economy and green economy, recycled filament polyester fiber in recent years by virtue of its green, sustainable characteristics and broad market prospects, has been rapid development of recycled fiber industry technology Significant progress. As one of the 350 key industrial enterprises in Shandong Province, Longfuhuanneng Technology Co., Ltd. has always paid more attention to the development and production of functional and differentiated high value-added products for industrial use in new product development. After keenly aware of the space for development of new fibers, Longfu started technical research in 2007 and independently developed Polyester Filaments from Waste PET Bottles. "And" the use of waste polyester bottle production of polyester full-drawing yarn, "and other three core technical achievements, respectively, passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal and the Textile Industry Federation organized the ministerial-level results identified, the overall technical level reached the international advanced Level, to fill the gaps in the country. Among them, the self-developed technology of liquid phase polyester and thickened homogenization of polyester has even reached the world advanced level. According to Long Fu, deputy general manager of Di Gangli introduced at present, Long Fu independent research and development of recycled polyester filament has made a major breakthrough has become the first large-scale production enterprises, building the world's only set of waste polyester processing, regeneration Polyester filament yarn production and renewable textile weaving as one of the complete circular economy industrial chain. "Now we Longfu has formed an annual output of 80,000 tons of recycled polyester filament and 30,000 tons of recycled polyester blanket production capacity, become the leading recycling of domestic waste polyester, both at home and abroad have a significant influence." Di Gangli said. Catch up with the advanced level of development vision Recycled polyester With the recovery, processing technology improvements, breaking the past, the gap between small chemical fiber. The gradual improvement of the quality of recycled products, and gradually weakened the advantages of primary spinning, with recycled polyester industry than the primary polyester industry input-output ratio, recycled products gradually seize the primary polyester market. In product performance, there have been some or even all of the original replacement of polyester products, recycled polyester products. In terms of raw material prices, the gap between the price of filament yarn and the native slice price is also shrinking. The original price difference is above RMB 2,000 / tonne and the difference is between RMB 1,000 / ton. With the continuous expansion of recycled polyester in the field of primary polyester, the growth of recycled polyester industry has become an important force in the polyester industry. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China's renewable polyester production capacity will reach 8.3 million tons / year with a production volume of 6 million tons / year. Unlike most of the raw polyester products used for spinning and weaving, the use of recycled polyester products shows a clear trend of diversification, and is still constantly broadening. At present, the application of recycled polyester products market covers non-woven fabrics, carpets, home textiles, automotive textiles and other fields, the product has reached nearly a hundred kinds. In addition, non-fiber applications are diversified and high-tech, such as bottles, sheets and films for food-grade packaging, various packaging trays for non-food packaging applications, high-end products such as plastic belts and injection molded parts, and engineering plastics. However, at present, there is a certain gap between China's recycled chemical fiber products and raw materials, varieties, technologies, production scale and product applications, etc. In particular, functional and differential R & D of chemical fiber products are not sufficient in R & D capability and need to be further expanded Application areas. "Di Gangli said.

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