The health of wedge shoes


[This site - shoes and life] From a height, this world will become more beautiful. In higher places, the air will be more refreshing... Although this so-called “high” is just a few centimeters above sea level. But I still feel that I am tall and my legs have become slender, and that self-confidence is revealed from the inside out. However, high-heeled sequelae, such as skeletal variants, thumb valgus, long tinea, corns, medial bursitis, bone hyperplasia and variants and so on. These MMs who believe in putting on high heels are already familiar. This also makes many of the beauty MM who deterred from high heels, they love beauty, but also love health.

For height and health, there are wedge shoes, also known as wedge shoes, wedge shoes, the biggest feature is its perfect smooth shoe type, super high heel design style, the sexy and feminine white woman is full of interpretation. Very elegant. Full of rich retro style design, look at the heavy and thick heels, but full of youthful and playful charm.

It is smooth and comfortable, and the beauty-loving MM certainly will not miss it, and it has become a popular style this year. What is interesting is that Park Sung’s wedge-shaped shoes give designers space to imagine. Not only can they make changes in the material, but the heel part is also another visual focus, or carved or hollow, which can show the skill and ingenuity of the design. Wearing these shoes is like walking on a cloud, light and comfortable.

Reminder: Adolescent girls and friends, adolescent women still should not wear high heels, it is best to wear wedges and shoes with no more than 3 cm heel. The mature bones of females are 15-16 years old. Wearing high-growth shoes prematurely results in the ossification of the footbone at the angle of the high-rooted shoe, which is prone to malformation. The pelvis is a bone ring formed by combining the sacrum, coccyx, left and right hips, ligaments and joints. It is generally set to 25 years old. The pelvis is an important structure for the human body to transmit gravity. The undefined pelvic load aggravates the stenosis of the pelvic orifice. Affecting childbirth after adulthood.

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