Park Lane fashion women's distribution of endless charm

Park Lane Inn (BILLIONCARMAN) has been adhering to elegant, stylish and perfect quality,
With introverted and peaceful design to express persistent personality,
Elegant atmosphere from London, Tokyo to Hong Kong,
Then spread from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places ,,,


Parkin in China, has also been given the unique oriental culture.
This is the blend of the West and the East, revealing the subtle sexy woman, luxury and not complicated,
Formed a unique woman's restrained and gentle.
Parker's elegant, inadvertently expressed a kind of understanding of life;
Implicit but not flagrant, simple but contains the classic, with a unique adherence.

柏丽茵时尚女装 散发无尽的魅力

Brand philosophy Parkion (BILLIONCARMAN) Women's adhering to the classic, elegant, simple, stylish style,
Simple and classic design, the fine outline of the contour shape, the creative details of the deal, the finishing touch of beaded embroidery decoration, soft colors, unique texture of elegant imported fabrics, perfect version of the cut, novel and sophisticated technology, interpretation of modern Urban professional women concise, gentle and graceful unique personality.

Corded Lace

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