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The company is located in the world's largest production base for underwear, which is called underwear under the name of "Underwear and Ocean". Gurao, Guangdong Xia Dai Fang underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, after more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, the company has To become a lingerie-based, home pajamas, body underwear, seamless body, thermal underwear and other products independent research and development, independent production of large underwear business.

After a long period of good operation, it has occupied a stable market in various provincial and municipalities directly under the central government. Currently, it owns more than 1,000 franchised stores and supermarkets.

" Xuan Ting " brand name, with her distinctive personality elements, at any time according to market consumer demand, providing personalized service, all-round create a new generation of Chinese underwear youth, fashion, sexy leader brand image.

【Founded】: Xuan Ting brand was formally established in 1998

【Ad slogan】: beautiful mood, all Xuan Ting.

[Brand origin]: French-style romantic feelings.

[Brand appeal]: to enjoy the vitality of youth, healthy and comfortable life; lead the fashion, sensual beauty transmission.

[Style positioning]: youth, fashion, sexy.

【Awarded】: ※ "Famous Chinese Brand", ※ "Chinese Famous Brand", ※ "Guangdong Famous Brand", ※ "Top 10 Quality Assured Brand", ※ "China Top Brand Green Product", ※ " Consumers favorite top ten underwear brand . "

Product positioning: three-lane positioning, four seasons products, mainly to bra, underwear, adjustable underwear, home, dress skirt, pajamas supplemented.

【Price positioning: bra 78-98 yuan mainly supporting underwear 28-48 yuan, adjustable underwear 118-158 yuan.

Market Positioning: Capital cities, prefecture-level cities, supplemented by economically developed county level.

[Design orientation]: Inspired by the French-style romantic feeling, combined with Parisian fashion style, with exquisite fashion design features, with a hint of brand youth, fashion, sexy, fashion trends. Selection of domestic and foreign high-end lace and popular underwear fabrics, ingenuity of the production process, in accordance with the women's age, height calculated female body "curve ratio number" with the human body curve of the design, after long-term try to improve the development And into. Interpretation of a "beautiful, stylish, comfortable" underwear space.

Consumer groups: the age of 18-48-based urban mass consumer women.

[Management Policy]: The product is the fundamental, quality of life; people-oriented and innovative; love the customer, win-win cooperation.

Management philosophy: professional team, human management, team work, ladder development.

Service concept: customers "zero distance", the market "zero complaints."

【Investment Advantages】:

â–² years of underwear business experience, set up factories, independent underwear brand ownership;

â–² has repeatedly won the title of national famous brand, with quality escort;

â–² master of advanced retail service management experience, lifetime use;

â–² enjoy a large marketing network brought a large number of procurement, purchase discount;

â–² sufficient supply and frequent and effective promotion, beyond the competition;

â–² comprehensive business analysis with investment recovery estimates to minimize the risk;

â–² now has hundreds of successful examples of joined retail stores, speak louder than words;

â–² Head office dispatched commissioners to help start the business with regular visits to enhance their competitiveness;

â–² perfect manager with staff training system, to provide personal service, personal guidance.

【Brand photo】:

Xuan Ting woman, they love midnight black, champagne gold fashion, love French romantic. In the streets of Paris, all colors seem to have become colorful fashion, all the love are cast a fabulous romance. Xuan Ting woman, whether it is 18 years old, or 48 years old, they have a charming noble qualities. They pursue a moving appearance, fashion taste, but also have a romantic love. They enjoy the beauty of life, they love Xuan Ting champagne gold, the pursuit of the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, the beauty of people's distractions, they are full of vitality, elegant, gestures are distributed fashion elegant fragrance .

【Brand Notes】:

Xuan Ting "youth, fashion, sexy" as the design element, the integration of Paris fashion romantic culture design. For women to create the most fashionable underwear, colorful colors to make elegance fashion woman.

【Join News】

Recruitment for the national part of the provinces and prefectures, cities and prefectures agents: Chongqing, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi.

Address: Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong Shaoguoguoguang Shuxiang Road 32-4

Merchants Tel: Peng welcome to consult the inspection!

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