Discover the natural sensuality of women in the na na underwear

The idea and design of Italian Wana designer is drawn from the natural beauty of the United States, the female favorite graphics, colors and other rich elements of art, cleverly constitute a section of exquisite underwear , combined with the spring, summer, autumn and winter, forming a variety of taste Popular series. Italian Wana product is the combination of art and textile technology, therefore, Italian Wana products always with elegant connotation, novelty feeling, but also with a comfortable and thoughtful wearing plate, pay attention to the product brings the taste and mood, Pay attention to consumers to bring spiritual enjoyment is the purpose of product development Wanna.


发现女性的自然性感 意娃娜内衣

"Comfortableness" is also one of the most important aspects of invaria product design. In the development of various types of products, from the intervention of computer technology to the traditional tailoring, every detail can not be separated from the designer's concern. Because of this commitment, the invaria brand brings to the consumer authentic, cherished ─ ─ designer's masterpiece

Metal Pot Oval Shape

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