Golden Sun: What are the requirements for color fastness of home textile products?

Abstract: Color fastness is a very important measure of home textiles. It involves the use of washing and abrasion resistance of home textiles. The following gold sun bedding experts will introduce them in detail.

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The Technical Requirements for Ecological Textiles requires textiles to achieve four color fastnesses, namely water resistance, abrasion resistance, perspiration and saliva resistance.

1. Color fastness to water resistance In the process of using home textile products, it is inevitable to deal with water. For example, sheets, aprons, tablecloths, etc. are dirty, and the curtains may be wetted by rain in rainy days. Towels, bath towels and water are inseparable. Therefore, home textile products must have water fastness to water.

2, rubbing fastness, home textile products in the process of using to withstand a variety of friction, such as the human body and sheets, sofa cloth, headscarf friction, friction between various textiles in the washing machine, towels, bath towels There is more friction with the water body. Therefore, the color fastness to abrasion is essential.

3. Color fastness to perspiration. People should sweat. The immersion of sweat on colored textiles will cause their fading and live color. For example, when people sweat, they will sweat with a towel or a handkerchief. When they sweat, they will be in contact with the sofa cloth and the pillow. Sweating during sleep, soaking sweat on sheets, quilt covers, and pillow covers. Sweat is acidic and alkaline, so the color fastness to perspiration is also resistant to acid perspiration and alkali-resistant perspiration.

4. Color fastness to saliva Infants and young children are prone to saliva. When saliva comes into contact with textiles such as aprons, quilts and fabric toys used by infants, these textiles have a problem of color fastness to saliva. Therefore, the "Technical Requirements for Eco-Textiles" specifically requires the color fastness to saliva for infants and young children.

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