Romantic season underwear entrepreneurial story

Lu Mingqing, born in 1979 in a poor family in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, has three sisters at home. His birth adds a lot of fun and infinite hope to this family. Parents are farmers, they are the same as most parents in China. Has given birth to even born three girls, but still did not give up able to give birth to a son to renew the incense. To this end, her parents pray for God every day. Strangely enough, on the night of his birth, the thunderstorm thunders out of the window and his mother started to have a stomachache. Father knows that soon to be born, quickly hired a midwife, and then hurry up on the incense, knees on his knees to bless your ancestors to give birth to a son, to help Lu continued incense. Just after reading the moment of silence, incense suddenly found a flash of light in front of the stage, like a golden dragon flashed. At this moment, I heard a voice coming from the back room. "Oh, come out with a handle." My father was very glad to hear that it was an ancestor's presence.

After birth, everyone in the family is twice as much affection for him, with the young he is very obedient, but also clever and studious, but also to make sisters like the incredible. Until high school graduation, learning has been among the best in the class. In 1997 , after graduating from high school, at a young age, in order to share the financial pressure at home, he resolutely gave up his college entrance examination opportunity and headed for Shenzhen, Guangdong, full of opportunities and challenges. At that time, only 18 -year-old Lu Mingqing, without the help of relatives and friends, has done in the garment factory workers, luggage factory ran the business. Until May 2000, at the age of 21 Lvming Qing holiday home to visit relatives, neighbors learned from the mouth, the development of Yiwu in recent years, and particularly learned to Yiwu foreign procurement of leather. This is a very important piece of information for Lu Mingqing, who is familiar with leather goods and good at seizing market opportunities.

As a result, after his death, he carries the hard-earned savings of the past few years, 10,000 yuan savings, toward Shenzhen. After returning to Shenzhen, he quickly completed the resignation procedures, and began to visit the leather factory. In order to save 30 yuan per night accommodation, night often lie in the waiting room at the train station overnight. In order to be able to find the vendors willing to cooperate with him, get up every day, running in various industrial areas. One day, because he was too tired and slept so hard he found himself in the morning that the $ 10,000 cash he was pressing was missing. This gave him anxious, in order not to worry about his family, he did not dare to tell the parents. As a result, he was calm for a moment and felt that a solution must be found as soon as possible. However, the work has been resigned, and can not always go back to ask for continued work. If you go home directly, afraid of neighbors joke. To this end, he decided: unsuccessful, never go back! Perhaps God is particularly grateful to him, the thief stole only his ten thousand yuan, but did not leave after the departure of his company that hundreds of dollars are also taken away. So, he wondered, how could he quickly accumulate this money to the first batch of deposit money ? When he was frustrated standing in the boundless Shenzhen Railway Station, it was 11 o'clock in the morning It's That year the weather was a bit hot. Although the weather was so hot, his heart still felt a bit cold.

He looked up at the general sun of the fireball, suddenly feeling a faint vaguely. Bow down, but remember, today there are several customers appointment, ready to go to negotiate. However, now there is no such capital to talk about. The more you think about it, the harder you feel in your heart. However, sorry sad, life or to continue. Suddenly he heard something cuckoo, then he found he had not eaten for two meals, but also felt a bit dry mouth. Looking forward to busy people, he shines, why I can not sell mineral water here! So, he happily ran to eat the cheapest egg fried rice, they immediately found the place into the mineral water. Thin body carrying two boxes of water to sell harder. Half a day, before and after actually sold 5 boxes of water, a careful calculation, actually more than sixty yuan profit than their previous work an average of more than thirty dollars a day is much higher. Forget about a day, if you sell 8 boxes of water a day on average, you can have over 100 yuan a day. In this case, as long as you insist on more than three months can accumulate to 10,000 yuan. The more excited and more excited he is, the more his family, and his own path to business, he wants to do. At night, he still slept in the waiting room at the train station, but he became clever, hiding the money he made every day in his pocket inside. And he sold things from the beginning of the mineral water to the Yiwu commodity, step by step to expand. Gradually, more than three months passed quickly, and her place of residence was moved from the waiting area of ​​the train station to the attached residential area. And now he not only has the experience of the leather business in the past, but also became a young man with a good business mind.

Until October 2001, his body had twenty thousand yuan in cash, and he re-embarked on a journey to find leather processing plants. Finally, hard work pays off, he finally found his opinion and leather goods manufacturers want to match. After negotiating, he paid 20000 yuan deposit, bring forward the supply of tens of thousands of dollars of goods will begin a journey back home. Back home, he began to travel between Yiwu and Dongyang, a short period of more than half a month, he put the factory to provide more than 100,000 yuan of goods shot, get about the last two million dollars of revenue . In order to do a better job, he began to rent the next facade in Yiwu International Trade City. He also asked salespersons to take care of themselves instead of continuously between Guangdong and Zhejiang.

This state continued until 2004 , my business has always been very good, the number of customers are more and more. Until the beginning of September 2004, due to the factory's supply price higher and higher, while the wholesale price of their old customers can not heightened, thus severely compressed their operating profit. In order to solve the problem, Lu Mingqing firmly said that he needs to seize the production link.

As a result, from January 2005 , it registered Dongyang Aegean Sea Leather Co., Ltd. for self-production and marketing. As the product is its own production, making the relative increase in sales profits, but also to ensure product quality. Moreover, because of their good product quality, the price is not high, therefore, repeat customers also continue to accumulate. And coupled with the existing scale and product range is difficult to satisfy all customers, so in 2010 he also registered Yiwu Aegean Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Finley Industrial Co., Ltd.. Among them, Yiwu Aegean clothing materials Co., Ltd. is mainly producing and selling webbing and buttons and other clothing accessories, and Shanghai Finley Industrial Co., Ltd. is specializing in underwear export business. Until 2012 , Shanghai Finley Industrial Co., Ltd. began to shift from export to the underwear chain franchise business. Because of their many years of garment accessories industry hard, therefore, from the very beginning of the establishment of the company will pay great attention to the quality of the product, making the company just formed the initial joining the business, it ushered in a number of customers come here especially.

Wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, from July 2012, the company in order to develop faster and better themselves, the station has invested advertising, bus advertising, online media advertising and celebrity endorsements. The international film star Weibi Xia's family members to join, making the romantic season, the brand image is another step up.

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