Love child children wear cute angel girl system

The brand culture of "Ai Duo Er" lies in the fact that we regard every girl in the real world as a cute, kind, sincere, intelligent and honest like an angel. . . . . Girl. However, each girl in the real world has its own personality. They have different personalities, growth experiences, family background and so on. Therefore, each child's growth has a strong plasticity, we believe that children should be respected choice, respect for the child's desire for growth, give them ample space to form an independent personality. It is also because of this "love child" culture in the angels are diverse, as long as we can give children enough growth of love, respect and guidance, every girl can become an angel-like perfect girl! In our brand culture, we emphasize the love and care of children and children, and love to help children grow healthily, so that children can be cultivated into benevolent and individual "child" angels. So in our brand culture, "Duo Er" is actually every girl, and every girl can become a "Duo Er." The core concept of the brand lies in using "child" as a carrier to realize the transmission and exchange of parents' love for children and children's love for society.

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