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Agate is a colloidal mineral. In mineralogy, it belongs to the class of chalcedony. Since ancient times, agate has been welcomed by people. One of the ancient “seven treasures” was agate. Agate has been decorated by people since ancient times because of its beautiful patterns. In the jade pieces unearthed, a series of agate balls are commonly found.

Agate Species In fact, agate is rich in color and variety, but red is the main color in agate. Because the natural red agate is less, and the color layer is not deep, red in the agate is mostly red agate. Its red color is red, purple, dark red, brown red, red sauce, yellow red and so on. In addition, the color red Yanyan Jin Jin agate, red and white ginseng called Jinhua agate or red flower agate. For jade carving products, with large blocks, for jewelry embedded stone, color is better.

The blue agate is light blue, the color is elegant, the blue is deeper and better, and it is very much like a sapphire. The output was nodular and often tangled. In the past, it was mainly used to grind jewelry and pots. Large pieces were good materials for jade carvings. The blue agate is different from the egg agate. The egg agate is a white agate. When the fire turns white, the blue is not blue. The blue agate is not faded by the fire and is more valuable. Artificially dyed blue agate has been in the market for many years and is dyed with cobalt dyes.

Green agate is rare in nature and is mostly artificially dyed. It is colored with white agate or egg white agate. The coloring agent is chromium. The dyed green agate is very much like the emerald green, but it is easier to identify and its green can not help but flash a little blue. This is evidence that because it looks like emerald, it is very popular with the market.

Purple agate is better than grape purple. This agate has a rough texture and a low degree of transparency. Because of its good color, it can be used as jewelry, and large pieces are also a good material for jade carving.

Wrapped silk agate is a type of agate that is intertwined with various colors in the form of ribbons. Because the ribbons are fine like oil, it is called silk agate. Some red and white, some blue and white, some black and white, or as wide as a band, or fine as silk, is very beautiful, ancient name cut agate. Silk sardonyx is also a commonly used species in jade carvings.

Weed agate, also known as moss agate, is a type of agate with opaque color. The variety of colors, the most common green, thin sheets under the light, like needle-shaped grass cloth in it, so that weeds agate, bright colors can be used for jade carving.

The central part of the water agate agate has different characteristics: solid, careless, hollow, and hollow. The agate with water in the center is called agate agate and is a precious species in agate. It was a rare treasure in ancient times. The water gallbladder is awesome with a lot of water. The higher the transparency, the better.

White agate is rarely used in handicrafts, and most of them are used for instrumentation. But since the artificial dyeing began, its importance began to grow.

Identification of white agate Onyx knowledge Agate is generally translucent to opaque, hardness to degree, specific gravity, refractive index up to, the history of agate is very far away, it is one of the earliest people to use the gem material. In all strata of geological history, agate can be formed whether it is igneous or sedimentary. So there is a lot of agate. China's agate production is widely distributed, almost all provinces have, mainly, Liaoning, Hubei and other regions. The whole Europe and South East Asia are also rich in the world. The most famous places in the world are India and Brazil. In the jewellery line there is a verbal agate without a red one. This shows how important red agate is.

1) Color: The color of real agate is bright and bright, and the color and light of fake agate are all worse. The two are more obvious. The natural red agate has a distinct color and the band is very clear. After careful observation, dense red spots are densely arranged on the red band. The pseudo-agate smoke pots imitated with stones are mostly petal-shaped patterns at the bottom, forming a “chrysanthemum bottom”; the dyed blue agate is bright and uniform, giving a false feeling.

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