Zero inventory - fast fashion women's brand in the name of love

Dongguan City, Super Clothing Co., Ltd is headquartered in Humen, China's clothing city, the production office area of ​​18,000 square meters, the existing elite team of more than 300 clothing. With the rapid development of casual wear industry, the company has become a set of design and development, brand operations, the scale of production as one of the inter-regional fashion women's enterprises. Yi Chau company now manages " zero inventory LINGKUCUN" and "Zimu ZMJ" two well-known women's brands. The main push company has a sense of quality of the original fashion casual style products, products include knitting, woven, wool and apparel accessories and other major series.


Since its establishment in 2002, the "Zero Stock" brand has been devoting itself to continuous improvement of its outstanding brand value. With the aim of "creating fashion brand name" and "love", the company integrates the spirit of fashion, vitality and freedom into the " Zero inventory "apparel design, and gradually evolved into the Chinese fashion urban style of the younger representatives. Companies rely on high-quality products, advanced CAD production systems and improving marketing system, "zero inventory" brand in the country has established six branches, more than 50 stores and counters. We actively promote the franchise development model, brand chain outlets are gradually improving, and formed a complete market network pattern.


Yi Chao uphold the company focused on casual wear industry strategy, our development goal is to become China's casual wear market leader. The "zero inventory" brand fully meets the fashion needs of its target consumer groups at an affordable price, and is committed to becoming a model of casual clothing brand serving the mass market. In order to achieve the above goals, the company set out to create a fast-fashion model of "urban fashion leisure + high-quality discount price". Since 2009, Yi Chao signed contracts with three domestic and international fashion management consulting agencies to become close cooperation strategic partners. It has defined and set a mid-term development strategy and 5-year plan of Yi Chao Company, vigorously tamping up the internal management foundation of the Company, building a high-performance team, Continuously improve the efficiency of the supply chain and continue to enhance the value of Yi Chao Company and the brand value of "zero inventory".
Looking to the future, Yi Superman upholds the consistent enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of apparel, with "people-oriented, team winning" Yuecha spirit, to create China's leading casual wear brand and make unremitting efforts!

The material of Cotton Jeanette is 100% cotton.The positive side has obvious fine twill, and the opposite side is plain. The warp and weft yarn count is close, the warp density is slightly higher than  the weft density. It feels softer than khaki.The specification of our printing product is 40S*40S/130*70. The weight is 120GSM, and the width is 57/58". It can be used to make women's clothing, children's wear, men's wear, dress, pants, trousers,coat and so on.

cotton Jeanette

Cotton Jeanette

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