Bosideng Fall Down 2012 Fall New Bosideng Fall Down Female 2012 New Bosideng Autumn Down Picture

Bosideng's designers talked about the original intention of researching and designing “Autumn Down” and put fashion in the first place. . .

Bosideng Fall Feather 2012 Fall New Bosideng Fall Feather Lady New 2012 Bosideng Fall Feather Picture

Bosideng Fall Down 2012 Fall New

"Since simply looking at down jackets from a fashion point of view, you will find that its space for innovation and change can exceed the traditional sense of men and women's autumn clothes." Bosideng's designers talked about the design and development of "autumn down" when the original intention, the fashion degree In the first place. Down jackets have unique advantages in color. Many men's and women's wears can hardly use good colors. On the down jackets, they can be very beautiful and decent. Bosideng's "Autumn Down" series this year features pure and elegant colors based on ice-white, icy-blue and sky-grey colors, as well as bright and colorful series. In the dark autumn environment, such colors not only decorate the eyes of others, but also decorate their own feelings.

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