How Apparel Enterprises Conduct Social Media Marketing

Today, social media marketing is a must-have item for companies to do marketing, and it is no longer the “icing on the cake” project two or three years ago. This has also become the consensus of most marketers. Consensus consensus, specific to the operational level, many companies, many market people still feel confused, I do not know where to start. Below, we will simply sort out what companies must know about social media marketing.

First of all, we must have a deep understanding of the social media that have significant influence in the current market.

Some domestic companies and sought after social marketing misunderstand microblogging as the whole story of social media marketing, but it is not. Including QQ space, everyone, watercress, beauty, mushroom sister, petals, piles of sugar and so forth emerging social media, which provides a prerequisite platform for the enterprise to achieve social network marketing, but also laid a solid foundation. These commonly used social media provide open marketing services for third-party advertisers. The social advertisements it provides will focus more on precise, interactive and accurate back-end management, which can be said to have great potential. Currently, companies with both Sina and Tencent platform accounts are basically because they want to push one more platform for more information, but they should pay more attention to Tencent Weibo from now on, because maybe Tencent can bring them more. .

Second, it must be clear that their companies do social media marketing and make the corresponding investment.

Because social media marketing, no matter how vast its supernatural powers, it is only a tool, not an end. Understanding the various benefits that social media marketing may bring to the business may help companies clarify their thinking. The benefits that social media marketing can bring to businesses generally include the following three aspects:

Marketing promotion: It is possible to quickly establish and maintain a positive corporate online image and promote their products and services more accurately. At the same time, the effectiveness of social media marketing is also easier to track and consider. For example, the Orange Crystal Hotel combines the features of the popular constellation topic on Weibo, and uses the “Love and Passion” series video clips to show the characteristics of 12 constellation men's love and sex. Once broadcasted, a frenzy of viewership was created on Weibo, making it popular, and what was the effect of this social media marketing campaign? 100% increase in occupancy rate! Chen Chung, Marketing Director of Orange Crystal Hotel, will also share the inside story of their creativity and planning this marketing campaign in the “Social Media Marketing” open class of Marketing Academy.

Sales: It can help companies to obtain sales leads in a cost-effective manner. This applies not only to B2C companies, but also to B2B companies. For example, Volvo, the world's largest supplier of construction machinery, focused its attention on the influence of the final operator on equipment procurement, contacted the Weibo platform, and launched the “Volvo Digging Up Master” campaign.

Third, there must be a suitable social media marketing strategy and enforceable, effective tactics.

Clothing companies should determine whether social media marketing is performed by self-organized teams or outsourced to professional social media marketing companies according to their own circumstances. If it is your own team, then how to set specific positions, how to listen to and understand the voice of consumers, how to create more attractive content, how to manage consumer expectations, resolve the crisis, how to carry out social customer relationship management, how to make Consumers become free ambassadors and a series of issues such as raising the return on investment of social media marketing should be considered. If this work is outsourced, then how to communicate effectively with suppliers and how to work closely with the supplier team is a challenge that must be addressed. Nike's social media marketing during the Olympic Games, especially Liu Xiang's rapid reaction after socializing in the social media, was the result of the joint efforts of the Nike preparation team represented by advertising company Wei Ke (W+K).

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