Ladies Plaid shirt with gradient geometric pattern body shirt

Fashion sense is reflected from the inside out. In the autumn and winter, in addition to choose a stylish coat coat, but also the choice of fashion personality, comfortable personal bottoming shirt. The following for everyone to introduce two small wild shirt. Of course, a single wear is also very unique. Exquisite woman is like this, do not be the best, but a low to suit their own.


Plaid has always been an element of fashion enduring. This pullover to plaid-based fight, the details of the black mink embellishment for the overall lot of color. Comfortable texture is very personal. With a black leather pants below, simple and handsome, take the trendy line. No matter what clothes with the outside will be very distinctive Oh.

女士格纹衬衫搭配 渐变几何纹贴身衬衫

Dark-colored shirts are also very good ride. Gradient color like a mathematical book on the geometry, a profound feeling, can stimulate people's logical thinking. Can take off the collar to facilitate simple. Wear bright color clothing chain will be more dazzling Oh. The following with a pair of jeans will be very ladylike style.

Picture comes from: her song of women's clothing

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