2014 Jing Qi new product Lynx for pregnant mother to provide more delicate care

Nanchang Jing Ye Clothing Co., Ltd, has been focused on R & D and production of radiation protection products. The opening of 2014, Jing Qi starting new product is Lynx pre-sale. Jing Qi the new product, breaking the original sales model, the first time opened the pre-sale model, while also expanding product categories. Jing Qi new fashion and health will introduce the kitchen, home, for every pregnant mother to provide more delicate care. Radiation apron, radiation host computer enclosures, blankets radiation blankets appear, leading the female friends always concerned about radiation protection issues. Jing Qi even in the new product, designed male radiation underwear, from the source and solve the problem of radiation.

Of course, stylish, healthy, beautiful protagonist or pregnant mothers who belong. Jing Qi radiation new products, or to pregnant women radiation-based products. Its style design to the popular retro fashion this year as the theme, each piece of radiation suits are trying to bring pregnant mothers who are elegant, dignified court aristocratic atmosphere to enhance the mothers temperament as the center of gravity. Pregnant women radiation suit, the focus is the effectiveness of radiation protection. Design style focuses on pregnant mothers who bring beautiful, radiation protection suits the biggest mission is to protect the baby's health.

Let's take a look at the new radiation suit fabrics situation. New pregnant women radiation suit, for the first time using a double-woven silver fiber fabric. Double-layer textile silver fiber fabric in the textile process, the inner layer of silver fiber textile, the outer layer of other high-quality fiber textile. Two layers of fabric fit closely to form a beautiful cloth. This fabric aesthetics to improve the more single, dull color, at the same time breaking the shortcomings of silver fiber can not be iron, in addition to the radiation problem of its inner silver fiber fabric can achieve good shielding effect, so this double Layer material naturally become a big selling point of this new product. Jing Qi new products from the category to design and then to the fabric technology, there is a big breakthrough.

Currently Jingqi new products have been hot in the Lynx pre-sale, the majority of Bulletin boards can go to Jing Qi Lynx flagship store to see more details. Believe that those who like a piece of artwork of the new radiation suit will impress you, Mommy have like to buy a baby for it.

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