A beautiful world of beautiful life - "Shang Xia" has many Chinese women have their own unique seduction

In the spring of 2014, Shang Xia (Shanghai) Apparel Culture Communication Co., Ltd. chose Shanghai, China as the first stop in Asia, and introduced the exquisite and elegant lady brand “GODDIVA珂 娃” from the UK. Its products include fashion, shoes, hats and bags. Scarves, jewelry, etc., strive to bring a variety of clothes and elegant, refined lifestyles to many Chinese and young women in China.

GODDIVA 's baby is a famous British fashion brand. It was founded in 1999. It means pansy. It means that the girls who want to make youth bloom because GODDIVA becomes like a flower, is graceful and graceful and graceful, which is exactly the same as that of a delicate lady. The image coincides. Its design inspiration stems from the desire of young women to interpret youth, and they want to squander the youth of the young girls in the season to demonstrate the beauty of women.

GODDIVA brand not only combines the noble atmosphere of the European and American women's wear, but also the characteristics of Chinese women, the brand has two design teams in the UK and China, the British design team is responsible for the dress series and flower design and the positioning of the trend of each season, the Chinese design team has A group of elite designers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai have consistently introduced sophisticated, sweet and stylish products that are truly suitable for the color and shape of Chinese women. They use “mashup” elements to satisfy Chinese women from day to night, from office to leisure, and from Dressing needs from public occasions to private parties and other occasions. Through sophisticated fabrics, unique product design, professional and personalized consultancy services, we create a distinctive and unique lady fashion brand for consumers and provide rich and exquisite fashion products for Chinese and young women.

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