Girls summer wear denim shorts to show your legs out

Denim shorts but a cool summer breeze and a beautiful landscape. Grind white, holes and cats must wear white pattern, are the fashion elements we love. A simple shorts can easily deduce the fashion of the wonderful, legendary cowboy to fashion classic + trendy style + personality avant-garde style in this to give you a beautiful girl with a good match. Light blue stretch denim shorts with comfortable cut, is to create a casual dress or holiday sightseeing the perfect choice. Recommended for this low-waist single product with casual slippers and loose cropped shirt, highlighting the small woman temperament at the same time there are handsome street fan, is a very good choice. Light-colored stripes in the waist jeans, creating a realistic wearing the old effect. Comfortable trim and hem trim adds a bit of neutral appeal to it. With personalized fashion printed bat sleeveless shoulder dress, the overall is not monotonous, it will not be too unobstructed or too mediocre, unique fashion. If you can choose a pair of high-heeled shoes is an extraordinary effect.

Surgeon\x27s Cap

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