Harem pants with what shirt harem pants with different T-shirt show different style

Now that girls know that legs are used to show, but in the past often a simple to any person can control the jeans are now less popular, replaced by those ever-changing variety of harem pants. A harem pants not only make the whole more three-dimensional and color sense, whether it is stripes, or leopard, fluorescent color and other simple elements or to print, exaggerated patterns, these harem pants enough to make your legs more Overhangs, more eye-catching. Xiaoren today Xiaobian introduce T-shirt for everyone with harem pants, simple casual Fan children, take a look at it!

CRZ 2014 summer women's new products

Harem pants haha ​​haha ​​day girls love, seven beam split light gray harem pants with white, green and blue striped strap T-shirt, relaxed comfort at the same time highlights the woman cute and cute.

哈伦裤配什么上衣 哈伦裤搭配不同T恤秀出不一样的风采

CRZ 2014 summer women's new products

Low-grade gray harem pants with white and black square printing has become a tide full of flavor, just with a simple printing of the same color T-shirt, black Martin shoes enough to make you into the streets of fashionistas.

Casual and trendy harem pants summer is the most eye-catching a single product, with simple short-sleeved T can easily attract many more than the first rate, that is cool and cover the short-sleeved T-shirt harem trousers dress it!

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