Summer denim shorts with summer how to wear cool and thin

In the upcoming high temperature Midsummer, people are trying to wear cool, but can not blindly seek cool, of course, have to estimate the good image. Summer is the most common heat-resistant single product is a small denim shorts, but also with the classic convenience of fashion. Song Meini women in the new summer 2014, launched a large number of jeans with different styles of denim shorts with different shirt, was thin and cool, not hurry.

Song Minnie

Chiffon lace interlacing mosaic shirt, the long pleated skirt style link, as well as sophisticated fungus edge, the cuffs at the production, self-cultivation cut highlights the waist line, the black was thin function in This time is particularly prominent, curled denim shorts with slender legs so show.

Song Minnie

If you think summer wear black too hot, then choose this white bar. With the same figure on the same paragraph of the shirt in the white rendering, a more clear view of its sense of hierarchy and cool, with shorts is also very harmonious yet.

夏季牛仔短裤搭配 夏天怎么穿凉快又显瘦

Song Minnie

In the summer the most popular cool mint green, a style of different color interpretation, will be able to show a completely different style, color selection is particularly important, summer high temperature and color inexplicable link between the psychological Acceptability and objective facts are quietly linked, still with denim shorts, is it not only cool was thin it?

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