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Only love can make the world more round; only love can create miracles.

Being able to see other people's good will improve their own goodness.

To be able to say someone else's good will strengthen each other better with oneself.

Love is the driving force of all.

Lead the development trend of Chinese pants era

JYBD (BBB), underwear brand pioneer, the highest Chinese pants. Recognized in the industry for intellectual, fashion, sensuality and elegance, and based on the concept of "locating lines" based on the golden ratio division concept and 3D cropping technology, the first "comfortable pants" was created as early as 1999, The "positioning line" technology upgrade to Southeast Asia's latest SUPER CREASE pants line positioning technology, while the introduction of "soft plastic pants" and "high waist pants" two permanent comfortable and innovative products, will originate in Asia's design and culture of ethylene and propylene Ding original Sewing technology perfect integration, leading the development trend of China's pants fashion.

The brand name of BB and BB comes from jybd, a synonym of the public. The forerunner of expressionism and exploration of her people deeply influenced the trend of folk art in the 21st century. Her thoughts transcend Its time, is the pioneer of fashion vision. Brand name B, C Ding, contains our pursuit of universal fashion.

A and B are committed to becoming the innovators and communicators of comfortable trousers, introducing the latest fashion ideas and classic designs of Chinese fashion to the Chinese consumers, combining the Asian life concept with the perfect combination of art and practicality to create the most Comfortable wearing experience.

【Innovation Strategy】 JYBD takes "pants expert" as the main brand strategy and successfully penetrates into consumers' minds. Recognizing "pants experts" as the brand specializing in pants, JYBD's market-driven innovation strategy is the key to successful market entry. one.

[Brand Features] JYBD owns a large number of professional designers, launched a year more than 500 models of goods, can be said to be many times the same industry, but the average age of only 30 designers, they at any time shuttle in Milan, Tokyo , New York, Paris and other fashion show to watch the fashion show in order to capture the design concept and the latest trends, and then introduce a high comfort fashion items, consumers have virtually established at any time JYBD new and comfortable things important Image.

【Product Image】 Embroidery pants expert advocates, the first application of embroidery to personal clothing research and development is both beautiful and personal comfort clothing design; the ancient Chinese art and Western human comfort version clever combination; personal clothing in the United States and the type Between the clever fusion of the most beautiful embodiment.

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