Where do customers go? What happened to APXX-JONES?

Where do customers go? What happened to APXX-JONES?

2014 trend tide brand down jacket "APXX-JONES love Bo Jones", 60 days more than 200 outstanding province generation and strong end-customer visit; signing rate hit a new high down industry; each province at least 5 down jacket master attention and strong Signing wishes.

What happened here?

What magic?

How exactly is the product?

witness the miracle! All in Hangzhou revealed!

Apxx-jones2014 down jacket new release

Conference time: May 25, 2014 -27 days

Conference Location: Hangzhou Overseas Baianna Hotel

Hotel Address: Gongshu District Shenbei Road 456

Work contact: Mr. Wang
Mr. Lu
Mr. Mu

Five days before the date of the announcement


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