Warmly congratulate Red Kai Bell Guangdong Yangjiang Tianrun Square store opened on May 1 festive

This summer from the French fashion romantic Paris Red Ke Bell , take you a taste of the latest season fashion, in the hot southern country, let you cool as spring. Red Kai Baer Yangjiang two stores located in the second floor of Tianrun Plaza, has opened on May 1 festive, during the festive season, the event benefits, surprises continue. Your summer wardrobe, right here, welcome.

HOKABR Yangjiang Tianrun Plaza shop in Guangdong

HOKABR Yangjiang Tianrun Plaza shop in Guangdong

Red Ke Beier with the international fashion standards, with extraordinary taste and distinctive style by the industry attention, her unique design concept of Western culture and the integration of traditional oriental charm, style elegant and sophisticated, favored by the Oriental fashion women. Red Kay Bell has always been to meet consumer demand, leading the international fashion trend as its mission to find the world's women fashion and romance, to create fresh, high quality new era lifestyle.


HOKABR Yangjiang Tianrun Plaza shop in Guangdong

Since its establishment in 1999, France Red Keer (International) Group Co., Ltd. has brought together international trendy fashion factors, with leading, pragmatic and efficient company operation and management system and "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the fashion counterparts, innovation, Steady development, now has formed a solid marketing system.

In recent years, Hong Kai Bell accelerated the pace of international operations, authorized by the French headquarters in mainland China to set up Greater China brand operations center and set up in Guangzhou, China R & D, production and logistics base, the rapid expansion of the market network to mainland China More than 20 provinces and cities in Southeast Asia.

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