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Three bear children's clothing originated from the fairy tale: "The Three Bears," three bear representatives: Bear Dad, Bear Mother and Bear Baby. In the context of the story, the three bears in Hong Kong International Clothing Co., Ltd established its children's wear brand: "three bears." To create a fairy tale atmosphere of children's fairy tale atmosphere. In 2013, the Hong Kong head office shifted the market of the "three bears" brands to mainland China. Set up headquarters in China, Guangzhou, production, sales, promotion in one. The company culture and brand concept into the product, so that more children enjoy comfort, environmental protection, fashion, elegant dress. Our philosophy is to create stylish children with happiness and fashion. Let our baby be the focus of any occasion. The most eco-friendly and comfortable materials with the most meticulous workmanship, we will create a happy empire dedicated to children ! Brand style European noble British style, Korean fashion style, unobtrusive and stylish personality, with beautiful dreams to create a fairy tale belongs to the children's world! Affiliate advantage Shop choice is half the business success, from the market target analysis to the shop location, "three bears" marketers will be involved in the professional quality of counseling. From the shop design to on-site supervision, there are professionals in the headquarters tracking. Shopping guide staff training From the basic service awareness clothing professional knowledge, and then to the brand culture characteristics, the headquarters of the oversized exhibition hall will provide the best training places. The company's own production base has made, dyeing, printing embroidery, clothing production of a full set of production processes to ensure timely delivery of products. Headquarters more than 26,000 flat warehousing more franchise stores have provided adequate assurance of supply. Company headquarters in China have an independent third-party inspection company, all products in addition to the factory's own inspection, are subject to rigorous screening of seized goods company, "three bears" children's clothing can completely exempt your worries about product quality. We franchisee business philosophy from the operating ability to have a higher barrier to entry, not seeking the rapid expansion of network outlets, in line with the principle of each franchisee responsible in the end, to ensure that each store can quickly profit, steady development , "Three bears" to provide quality platform to ensure that we work together to create a better future! A good image, excellent performance of the shop is the best brand advertising, we value the existence and role of the terminal, you are the "three bears," the greatest wealth. Three bear children's clothing official website: http: //

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